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Synonyms for ladino

a person of mixed racial ancestry (especially mixed European and Native American ancestry)

the Spanish dialect spoken by Sephardic Jews but written in the Hebrew script

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Thus modern Judezmo [this scholar's preferred term] differs from modern Spanish not only in its lexicon, but also in its system of sounds, its grammar, its syntax and its stylistic variants" [my translation], David Bunis, "Les Langues juives du Moyen-Orient et d'Afrique du Nord," in Monde sepharade, ed.
Bunis lists both arel and arela as Judezmo (item 3233), defining them as 'non-Jew, Christian (in opposition to Muslims or Jews)'.
We have Yiddish ganef, Judezmo ganav (Bunis item 894) and Judeo-Italian ganav or ganawe.
It has over twenty names, among them Ladino, Judezmo, Spanyolit, el Kasteyano Muestro, but is generally called Judec-Spanish in academia.
It is rare to find an individual sensitive to the old vanishing values, who bothers to cultivate the use of Judezmo with elders in the family.
The Jews in Greece who spoke Judeo-Greek, also called Yevanic, were overwhelmed by the speakers of the language called Ladino or Judezmo or Judeo-Spanish or Jidyo or Spanyol.
Spanyol is known by other names, including Ladino, Judezmo, Judeo-Spanish, and Djudeo-Espanyol.
Lines 8-9: These lines echo the opening of a popular Judezmo song
David Bunis, a noted scholar, tells us that the language, which he calls Judezmo, antedates the expulsion from Spain: "Earliest Judezmo began to rise in Medieval Spain as a system of linguistic elements of Hispanic, Hebrew and Aramaic, (Jewish) Arabic and (Jewish) Greek origin.