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small tree of the eastern Mediterranean having abundant purplish-red flowers growing on old wood directly from stems and appearing before the leaves: widely cultivated in mild regions

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To be the white redbud a Judas tree the whitebud branch dogwooded
The gardens have been thoughtfully and skilfully planned and contain a profusion of shrubs, flowers and trees including peony, quince, wisteria, clematis and a Judas tree.
Anyone wondering if Katherine Anne Porter is a poet need look no farther than the final paragraph of "Flowering Judas": "Then eat these flowers, poor prisoner, said Eugenio in a voice of pity, take and eat: and from the Judas tree he stripped the warm bleeding flowers, and held them to her lips.
Judas tree in blossom ONE of the most arresting sights in the garden at Glebe Cottage at this time of year is a Judas tree, cercis siliquastrum.
Crocosmia B ONE of the most arresting sights in the garden at Glebe Cottage at this time of year is a Judas tree, cercis siliquastrum.
such as a 90-minute film of Jane Eyre for LWT, interiors for the long-running Last of The Summer Wine, Wuthering Heights, Big Women, The Fast Show and The Judas Tree ballet for Channel 4.
Now the yard's changed its hair shirt to velveteen, and dogwoods tire quickly of their legend, tire of blood-tipped crosses they have to bear, heavier than the redbud's, old Judas tree redeemed in pink.
I watched MacMillan's career from his debut as a dancer in 1946 with the Sadler's Wells Opera Ballet, his debut as a choreographer with the Sadler's Wells Choreographic Group in 1953, to his final work, The Judas Tree, and his posthumous dances for the Royal National Theater's Carousel, both in 1992.
Britain's nominee is "The Judas Tree," the Royal Ballet's performance of the last work by late choreographer Kenneth MacMillan.
Another hardy plant from the catalogue is one of the most spectacular of the late spring flowering trees, Ceris suquastrum, the Judas tree.
Cronin's subsequent novels include The Green Years (1944; film, 1946), Shannon's Way(1948), The Judas Tree (1961), and A Song of Sixpence (1964).
Jonathan Creek Today, BBC1, 8pm Alan Davies takes a break from QI duties to return as the detective in a duffel coat in one-off special The Judas Tree.
Over on BBC1 from 8pm, Alan Davies returns in a one-off edition of Jonathan Creek called The Judas Tree.
There are plans in place to develop the garden further and introduce Biblical plants, such as the Judas tree.