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the southern part of ancient Palestine succeeding the kingdom of Judah

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The tumultuous political atmosphere of Judaea under Imperial Rome combined with the corrupting influence of the Herodian Dynasty left the majority of the public unsatisfied, to say the least.
This never could have occurred in Judaea in the month of December.
According to our research, in those days Judaea and Samaria was perceived as an area of great importance, with a significant influence on economic life in the 11th to 13th centuries--during which period the Holy Land was ruled by the Crusaders.
among them we may see foreign names which have no place in the Almanach de Gotha [a directory of Europe's royals and nobles], having come to us from Judaea apparently by way of Germany and the United States.
This effort involves a certain amount of friction with the civilian population in Judaea and Samaria (the West Bank) and we have no intention of harming anyone," he said.
The Romans ruling Judaea had already been dealing with riots and unrest; there was increasing tension with Roman rule, particularly under Pilate.
In the 1969 novel Behold the Man, author Michael Moorcock imagines an ill-at-ease protagonist who, discontent with his modern life, goes back to first-century Judaea to look for Jesus but increasingly assumes the role himself.
The Procurator of Judaea was by a socialist writer, Anatole France.
This includes institutional histories of Diaspora youth travel programs, such as the Young Judaea Summer Programs in Israel.
Ayelet Shaked, another Jewish Home MP, said the minister had "prepared thousands of tenders for construction in Judaea and Samaria" -- the biblical term for the West Bank.
The new government will strengthen settlement in Judaea and Samaria.
After graduating from high school in Brookline, Massachusetts in the early 1980s, Yossi Abramowitz spent six months on Kibbutz Ketura, a community 45 minutes north of Eilat in the Arava Valley that was founded by the Young Judaea movement in 1973.
in Judaea in the 30s and 40s of the first century of the Common Era" is anachronistic, as the followers of Jesus did not use the language of Christianity until late in the first century CE.
Jaspers believed that around 500 BC (a couple of centuries earlier and a couple of centuries later) we witness a coincidence of great thinkers: Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, and Pythagoras in Greece, the great prophets of Judaea, Buddha, Confucius, and others in the East, all of them leading to an awakening and emergence of human self-consciousness.