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the southern part of ancient Palestine succeeding the kingdom of Judah

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Levin's popularity inspired a Young Judaea chapter in Pennsylvania to name their branch after him.
Petronius, Governor of Syria, realizing that the erection of the colossus would cause great trouble and suffering in Judaea, wisely delayed its construction.
Scholars from Israel, Europe, and the US investigate the legal documents from such perspectives as Roman officials in Judaea and Arabia and civil jurisdiction, Judeaean desert marriage documents and ekdosis in the Greek law of the Roman period, and gift and inheritance law.
David Flusser has shown that in the scrolls found at Qumran it is explicitly stated that the group was wealthy, and that during the famine that spread through Judaea in the first century B.
Thus a single coin of Vespasian with the inscription Judaea became a platform for a potted history of his reign, taking in his destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and his use of the loot to build the Colosseum, and the route by which his coins ended up in Britain.
The Bar-Kokhba revoit in Judaea against the Romans, which took place in 132-135 CE, marks the symbolic end of the period of spoken Hebrew.
Although the accumulation of relevant facts has allowed Science to explain many questions about the Universe, the same cannot be said about History, where proofs are scant and evidence is patchy, especially for those ancient cultures that were conquered by others, such as Roman-occupied Judaea, where Jesus was born.
He or she could attend Hebrew School on a weekday afternoon, and Young Judaea functions in the evening.
Only last month, Turin University forensic medicine professors announced they had detected the faint impression of a Roman coin, dating back to when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judaea, on the fabric.
How can it be that the only place in the world where a Jew cannot build a house is Judaea, the birthplace of the Jewish people?
In order to establish the auctoritas necessary to legitimate claims to imperial power, Vespasian promoted his military successes, in particular the suppression of the revolt in Judaea.
Crucifixion was introduced into Judaea by the Persians, crucifixion was employed by Antiochus IV Epiphanes against the Maccabees, by the Hasmonean king Alexander Jannaeus against the Pharisees, and by Judge Simeon ben Shatach against 80 witches at Askelon.
Excavation of a Palaeolithic cave in Western Judaea, Quarterly, Statement of the Palestine Exploration Fund 60:182-185.
It is not likely, however, that Josiah controlled this area and ordered the destruction of the shrine here, since there is no indication of purposeful dismantling of Edomite shrines much closer to Judaea.
The clay seal was used for sealing a papyrus letter and was stamped with the inscription "Ahaz (son of) Yotam, King of Judaea.