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city in the northeastern part of South Africa near Pretoria

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Moving from the manicured lawns and malls of Sandton City to the throb of downtown Jozi is like crossing continents.
Jozi, Joburg, Johannesburg--however it's known, the South African city speaks stories of a turbulent past, a tense present, and a future that no one can predict.
Javed Nurbukhsh in his article on Sufism and psychoanalysis talks of aqle jozi (particular intellect) and aqle kolli (universal intellect).
Jozi no es bella pero es atractiva y en perpetua efervescencia.
He is an astute observer who is adept at playing the race card, the tradition card--you name it, it's up his sleeve, anything to secure his precarious life in Jozi on the Wits campus.
Jozi Brown, six, said: ``Animals might get hurt by the rubbish on the floor.
Three of the label's top young acts - Jozi (Bongani Fassie, Leslie, Ishmael), Gumshev (Bruno and Fistos) and solo artist Malik - have committed to help make Project M a success.
Prominent poetess Rehana Qamar presided over the ceremony and senio poet Naseem-e-Sahar, Iqbal Faheem Jozi, Farkhanda Shamim and Abdul Rehman Kashif were included among guests of honor while Ayub Jozaf anchored the ceremony.
Qaisera Alvi, Rehman Hafeez, Zia Ud Din Naeem, Mazhar Masood, Shaida Chishti,Faheem Jozi, Mehboob Zafar, Mazhar Shehzad, Mohammad Hameed Shahid, Jahangir Imran, Khawar Ejaz, Aziz Faisal, Dr.
This project was really a foray into new territory for all involved," said producer Jozi Bently.
Winifred Jozi decided not to administer CPR or call 999 - instead contacting the NHS Direct helpline - after a colleague at Holme House Nursing and Residential Home, in Gomersal, found 59-year-old resident Susan Burgess 'cold and unresponsive.
So after winning the Izal-Dawla Bakhtiyar by Azedol-dawla, caliph's request, he had to welcome him on the Tigris, and to quote Ibn Jozi "Khalifa never bowed down any monarchy like that" [4], Al-Qader Billah forced Musharraf al-dawla to make his welcome [4], Also Buwayhid allocating a certain income to caliph and to determine a person for controlling the financial affairs of Khalifa, the Caliphate were brought under control greatly.
This time around, Jozi lets the man enter, and it seems that the Oppermans might start to reflect critically on their position.
Number two on my list of unexpected Jozi characteristics, meanwhile, is the fact that, although some people live in apartments like they do back home, no one seems to reside in normal two-storey houses - despite the fact that it's a big city and, you would have presumed, more space-poor than other areas of the country.
But he was Jesus And I'm a sister and I've been through more shit Because I'm black And life is hard in Jozi when you've got tits .