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United States writer (born in 1938)


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In 2006 Joyce Carol Oates released two novels (Missing Mom and Black Girl/White Girl), a new collection of short stories (High Lonesome), and another novel under her pseudonym Lauren Kelly (Blood Mask).
Joyce Carol Oates was born in 1938 in rural upstate New York.
What a perceptive presentation by Joyce Carol Oates, who truly deserved Humanist of the Year 2007 ("Humanism and Its Discontents," November/December 2007).
But what we don't know and can only imagine is what Joyce Carol Oates creates in her sprawling, too long, and often mesmerizing novel: the inner struggles of Norma Jean or the character called Marilyn Monroe.
Yes, I wrote that ``if he's a pro prospect, then I'm Joyce Carol Oates.
Joyce Carol Oates, the award-winning writer, described Heart of the Horse as "A beautiful book
A remarkably prolific author, Joyce Carol Oates has published more than 100 books in a distinguished 47-year career that has earned her four National Book Awards, a National Book Critics Circle Award, a PEN/Faulkner Award, and a Pulitzer Prize.
Among the writers interviewed are Margaret Atwood, Joyce Carol Oates, Annie Dillard, Gail Godwin, E.
If you'd never heard of Joyce Carol Oates and someone presented you with a list of all the titles she has produced over the last 40 years, you'd probably think she was some kind of Barbara Cartland figure - a Mills and Boon romancer penning books with titles like The Wheel of Love, Man Crazy, The Assignation; books that should have dreamy pastel covers and always end happily with the heroine sinking into the hero's manly arms.
What is at issue, I believe, is not the turning of illness or madness into art - a project with a long and famous history, elaborated by Joyce Carol Oates in a recent essay in the New York Times.
Jeffrey Deaver and Walter Mosley make endearing protagonist/detectives of a statistical geek and an anarchist, respectively, while John Farris goes slightly Gothic and the wonderful Joyce Carol Oates creepily spins out every mother's worst nightmare.
Scholars of English and literature from the UK, US, and Hong Kong highlight authors Joyce Carol Oates, Alice McDermott, Tess Gallagher, Mary McCarthy, Maureen Howard, Maeve Brennan, Elizabeth Cullinan, Jean McGarry, Mary McGarry Morris, Eileen Myles, Mary Gordon, and Erin McGraw and their important works and how they represent the Irish American literary tradition, within their biographical context.
In addition Marilynne Robinson, Joyce Carol Oates and Philippa Gregory are also featured on the longlist as well as five first-time authors including British writer Naomi Alderman.
In an effort to guide the evolution of the magazine's profile, I'm very pleased to welcome new Editorial Advisory Board members Daniel Dennett, Michelle Goldberg, Wendy Kaminer, Joyce Carol Oates, Steven Pinker, Peter Singer, and E.