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influential Irish writer noted for his many innovations (such as stream of consciousness writing) (1882-1941)

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Joyce, the former MP for Falkirk, insisted he was performing a "citizen's arrest" but District Judge John Zani found him guilty of two counts of common assault.
To love Joyce is to accept him for what he is--on his terms.
Father-of-two Joyce, who has denied charges of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and alternatively causing grievous bodily harm, told the court that during a relationship with another woman he had acted as a house-husband for about three years looking after their son.
John Paul Joyce was shot dead and dumped beside an isolated lane behind Dublin Airport.
Hazel said: "Sadly my Mum, Joyce O'Connor slipped away in Myton Hospice at 6.
The fact that Joyce found Aquinas as helpful as he did is at one and the same time a sign, it would seem, of the philosophia perennis and of Joyce's own vast resourcefulness.
After Foucault, Joyce defines liberal governmentality as a mode of rule whose lynchpin was the liberal subject itself, a self which was at once self-watching and watchful of power.
Six months before she died Joyce was diagnosed with a rare syndrome and then lung cancer.
Taking three years and $58 million to build, the Joyce Eisenberg-Keefer Medical Center represents the biggest expansion in the 94-year history of the two Reseda campuses, which began as a shelter for five homeless men during Passover.
Written by Peter Mahon (teacher in the Department of English, University of British Columbia), Imagining Joyce and Derrida: Between Finnegans Wake and Glas is a unique literary study that recommends enhanced study and comprehension of Joyce's literary classics though reading Derrida, and Derrida through reading Joyce.
Joyce was a gifted Irish tenor, and this collection of 36 poems bears that lyrical imprint.
Lee Joyce, 28, of Burnhopeside Avenue, Lanchester, Durham, was found dead on Sunday after a suspected suicide.
Conner (editor), The Poetry of James Joyce Reconsidered.
Eco-Joyce: The Environmental Imagination of James Joyce
Our capons are smaller than a turkey, averaging 8-10 pounds each if you buy the whole bird," said Ron Joyce, president and CEO of Joyce Farms.