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English classical scholar noted for his translations of Plato and Aristotle (1817-1893)

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I would imagine that A Jowett is no longer with us as he would be around 100-years-old but there is every chance that he may have children living and this may be a nice reminder of their father for them to keep.
Mr Jowett was appointed director of Symphony Hall in 1988 - three years before it opened in 1991 to widespread public and critical acclaim - and also manages the Town Hall, having overseen its reopening in 2007.
Mr Jowett asked: "You were never told to work elsewhere, doing a job you were not allowed to do in Cardiff to keep up your skills, were you?
Olympiou, Jowett, and Duda (2005, as cited in Jowett, 2007) showed that BPN explained by the 3Cs affect athletes' satisfaction and performance.
Why do we find such similarities between Browning's poetic form and the hermeneutics of the Broad Churchman and Greek scholar Benjamin Jowett (1817-1893)?
Relationship quality has also been found to be positively correlated with psychological outcomes such as athletes' perceptions of their physical self-concept (Jowett, 2008), their level of passion for sport (LafFraniere, Jowett, Vallerand, Donahue & Lorimer, 2008), and their level of satisfaction (Jowett & Ntoumanis, 2004).
This is a great step forward for Hastie Services, which transitions to new and stable ownership with no debt, strong cash reserves and a disciplined management team," Jowett said in a statement.
The ongoing research program - carried out by a team of researchers from the School of Sport, Exercise and Health Sciences and led by Dr Sophia Jowett, alongside national and international collaborators - emphasises that the coach-athlete relationship is not an 'add-on' or 'by-product' of sport, but the foundation of sport.
Military history author Jowett provides a history of the Chinese Nationalist Army, which had fought almost constantly between 1931 until 1949, first against the Japanese in World War II and later against the Chinese communists until ultimately defeated by the communists in 1949.
WITH Birmingham Symphony Hall celebrating its 21st birthday, chief executive Andrew Jowett revealed that it was not Simon Rattle and the CBSO who gave the first ever performance - but his children.
Whether chosen or 'accidental', having access to mentors to learn from and look up to in the workplace is essential, says Razmik Kalaidjian and Dave Jowett
Stephen Jowett, 52, who investigated Princess Di's death, also said he believed the fire was deliberately started.
Two or three people returned later last Tuesday and set light to the car in Jowett Street.
That's especially the case with a rising jobless rate and a difficult economy, says Liz Jowett, Property Manager at Chieftain Manor Apartments and Maple Hills Apartments in St.