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a unit of electrical energy equal to the work done when a current of one ampere passes through a resistance of one ohm for one second

English physicist who established the mechanical theory of heat and discovered the first law of thermodynamics (1818-1889)

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CLT Joules is identifying high potential startups, and leveraging Charlotte's ecosystem to foster growth and bolster the city's position as a national energy hub.
Joules Storm Waterproof Floral Parka, PS130; Joules ; Harbour Navy Stripe Top, PS40
Joules eyewear is designed to stand out and includes full fronted signature floral sunglasses (pictured) and unique combinations of bright colours, as well as more traditional shades.
The deal with Joules forms part of LDC's continuing strategy to invest in regional mid-market businesses whilst backing high calibre management teams.
Mix it up with a Joules Cowdray shirt and quilted jacket for a chic, country loving look.
65 to 24 m/s and maximum energy from 155 to 1800 Joules.
Pat Carlisle, founder and president of Joules Angstrom, said he was honored to be included in the listing, and reflected back on the company's beginnings in 1999, when he worked on ink formulations in his parents' basement.
Thus, Olivia Joules probes an area of wish fulfillment that hasn't heretofore received much attention (and, given the book's lackluster performance, probably won't receive much more).
The HAPL is also developing final optics with goals of laser-induced damage threshold of more than 5 Joules per square centimeter, in large area optics and to develop a credible final optics design that is resistant to X-rays, energetic ions, debris, contamination and neutrons.
Joules is a freelance journalist who often manages to make trouble for herself by imagining people and events, writing about them and then finding out she was wrong.
THE full title of this new novel by the Bridget Jones author is Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination but that's a description that belongs to Fielding herself as this somewhat confused tale stretches the definition of imagination.
Helen Fielding, bestselling author of 'Bridget Jones' Diary', releases her new novel and new heroine Olivia Joules on 7 November 2003.
Jude Medical Epic(TM) DR is a small ICD delivering 30 Joules of energy in a device of 33 cubic centimeters in volume and weighing 70 grams.
Expected to be the world's largest laser, it will hurl a mighty bolt of nearly 2 million joules of energy at a fuel capsule.