Josiah Wedgwood

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English potter (1730-1795)


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Today, the word 'Wedgwood' is synonymous with the distinctive blue Jasper ware (a fine stoneware) invented in 1771 by the factory's founder, the master craftsman Josiah Wedgwood I.
Lord Piers Anthony Weymouth Wedgwood (b 1955), a direct descendant of the famous 'father of English pottery', Josiah Wedgwood I, died on 30 January.
Enoch Booth of Tunstall is generally credited with its invention in the 1740s but the man who took it to new heights of delicacy and sophistication was Josiah Wedgwood I.
An exceptional innovator and businessman in the fine china industry, Josiah Wedgwood I found success in the pursuit of excellence during the 1700s.
Discover the genius of Josiah Wedgwood I (1730-1795), whose diverse, high-end products and business practices revolutionised the English ceramics industry in the 18th century.
Founder, Josiah Wedgwood I, was committed to caring for his workforce and provided housing for them at the Etruria factory.