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Jewish general who led the revolt of the Jews against the Romans and then wrote a history of those events (37-100)

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For example, when the teetotaling Daniels ordered navy ships to serve coffee instead of alcohol, he failed to see that hard-drinking sailors would disparage his decision, even deriding a cup of coffee as "a cup of Josephus Daniels" or, more simply, a "cup of Joe" (p.
According to von Ehrenkrook, a proper recognition of Josephus' literary and rhetorical skills precludes the possibility that Josephus was either a mindless copyist or a traitor who, in penning Antiquitates Judaicae, sought redemption for his earlier pro-Roman stance.
A University of Huddersfield historian is now researching the extraordinary episode of World War I Belgian refugees who came to Britain and has helped the descendents of Josephus - including his granddaughter Elsie - to explore places he knew during his exile.
10) Similarly Dio, when he refers to this, describes it as for those 'who continued to follow their ancestral customs', (11) which Smallwood takes as meaning precisely the same as the Josephus passage.
Astronomically, the eclipse of March 13, 4 BC, is highly unlikely to have been the eclipse which Josephus states heralded the death of King Herod, who, therefore, did not die in 4 BC; neither did Herod die in 3 BC or 2 BC, since there were no lunar eclipses visible in Judea in those years.
The Qumran community, as Josephus observed, did not bathe often or use oil.
Early secular historians such as Josephus, Tacitus and Eusebius recorded the miracles of Jesus.
In Contra Apionem, Josephus repeatedly emphasizes the role of Moses as that of the general in command of the forces of Israel:
The discovery does support another work of history, however, the accounts contained in the works of Flavius Josephus.
The story of Josephus Flavius is well-known in recreational mathematics.
During that time, the Chaits have pleaded guilty to unlawful compensation charges for giving money and gifts to former County Commissioner Josephus Eggelletion, who is now in prison for money laundering conspiracy.
Josephus, a first century Jewish historian who wrote a comprehensive history of the Jewish people refers to the existence of Jesus, Tacitus an early Roman historian in his account of Christianity in Rome refers to the death of Jesus, Lucian a satirist refers to Jesus, Suetonius a Roman historian refers to Jesus in his writings and Thalus an early Samaritan historian also refers to Jesus.
According to the Jewish historian Josephus, exorcists needed: 1) a formula from Solomon to be incanted, along with 2) a piece of wood (called "bunk" or "the bunk stick"), which had a scent from the Barras root (see Josephus, JW 7.
Josephus describes these in animated detail, noting the vividness of representations of the slaughter of the enemy with their lands soaked in deluges of blood.