Joseph Stalin

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Russian leader who succeeded Lenin as head of the Communist Party and created a totalitarian state by purging all opposition (1879-1953)

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The naming of his son after Joseph Stalin was apparently inspired by a man named Periyar E.
Former dictator Joseph Stalin, who was voted the third greatest Russian in a poll by a TV channel in 2008, was responsible for over half of the deaths.
The grandson of Joseph Stalin has brought a court case against Russia's liberal newspaper Novaya Gazeta, claiming it defamed the Soviet dictator.
Joseph was aboard the Iowa when it carried then President Roosevelt and his aides to and from the Tehran conference in North Africa, with Prime Minister Churchill and Russia's Joseph Stalin.
However, the third place winner is a historical figure which will surprise many outside Russia: Joseph Stalin.
When the government started an online contest in June to name "The Greatest Russian," officials were shocked when Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin and Czar Nicholas II surged to the top of the list.
Vladimir Putin yesterday paid his respects to the millions of people killed under Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin, and called for the country to unite to prevent a repeat of its tragic past.
About 5,000 mourners attended Yeltsin's funeral April 25 in Moscow's restored Christ the Savior Russian Orthodox Cathedral, which was rededicated in 1999, 66 years after Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin had it blown up.
20, the series presented a unique show called "Condemned by Stalin," highlighting three Soviet composers who fell out of favor with dictator Joseph Stalin.
As his soldiers were approaching the Elbe, Joseph Stalin was avidly reading reports from his spies in America (he knew about the atomic bomb well before Harry Truman) and mulling how far he could expand his borders without earning America's ire.
Vieira approvingly quoted Joseph Stalin, whom he called "the greatest political figure of the 20th century.
Joseph Stalin had used his sickle, emblem on the red flag of Soviet Russia, to "decapitate Latvia's freedom.
Known formerly as Konigsberg (in German) and Karaliaucius (in Lithuanian), it was given to Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin at the end of the World War II by the victorious allies.
In the early '70s, theater director Robert Wilson heard the boy's poetic sound recordings through a mutual friend and drafted the fourteen-year-old into an impromptu onstage appearance in The Life and Times of Joseph Stalin (1973), the beginning of an ongoing collaboration between the two men involving writing as well as performance.
But, Joseph Stalin had political ambitions; he quit religion and ruthlessly began to work his way up through the Communist Party.