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religious leader who founded the Mormon Church in 1830 (1805-1844)


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The 'Doctrine & Covenants' is a collection of revelations to Joseph Smith, the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, commonly referred to as the Mormon Church.
He was born in Worcester, the son of the late Joseph Smith Sr.
The story of the rise of the Mormon church--the pilgrimage west of one Joseph Smith.
Adam Christing is referring to Joseph Smith, the controversial Mormon Prophet who ran for President in 1844.
Newcastle Crown Court heard the bus's driver, Joseph Smith, sounded his horn, drawing angry gestures from Ingham.
Balloons are being released in memory of Joseph Smith who died in a car crash |
Kenneth Joseph Smith, 62, of High Street, Cleckheaton, was found dead at his flat on May 12, Kirklees Coroner's Court heard yesterday.
The Boro youngsters got off to the perfect start with a 2-0 win over Plymouth thanks to goals from Tommy Kneeshaw and Joseph Smith, but were comfortably beaten 8-3 by Spen Valley Flyers in the next game.
Joseph Smith, 27, of Goschen Street, L5, charged with driving without due care and without insurance - PS265 fine, PS15 surcharge, PS165 costs.
Joseph Smith, a former North Carolina Banking Commissioner, released the figures in a report.
It's fun to consider the mysteries of this era: why was Joseph Smith shot; why did his widow remain behind; why did Brigham Young lead them out in February 1846; why was the temple destroyed?
Joiner Joseph Smith, 33, died just after 2am yesterday when his car ran off the road and overturned in a field.
British scholars of literature look at heresy in Joseph Smith, Abbott and Poe, Hardy and Jude the Obscure, Stevenson's The Ebb-Tide, T.
The reader will find in The Rise Of Mormonism the history of the prophet of Mormonism, Joseph Smith, the story of the gold plates, and every grueling and precise detail of the church's strive to succeed against opposing forces, events, prejudice and hardships.
Next to Joseph Smith, the name of Brigham Young is also forever yoked to the Latter-day Saints.