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United States economist (born in Czechoslovakia) (1883-1950)

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It is time for economists to emancipate themselves from Keynes and his disciples and turn their gaze towards the Austrian School and reflect on the insights of its most important representatives: Carl Menger, Eugen von BohmBawerk, Joseph Schumpeter, Ludwig von Mises, and Friedrich August von Hayek.
A Concise History of Economists' Assumptions About Markets: From Adam Smith to Joseph Schumpeter
Joseph Schumpeter, one of the other great economists of the period, noted, 'Keynes offered English advice, born of English problems even where addressed to the other nations'.
If the project succeeds in its objectives and proves scalable, it could represent what Harvard Business School professor Clayton Christensen calls disruptive innovation, or if one prefers the earlier and more dramatic formulation of Austrian-born economist Joseph Schumpeter, creative destruction.
Now, Joseph Schumpeter says that the mark of the civilized person is to acknowledge that one's deepest convictions are the products of contingent history and culture, but nonetheless "stand unflinchingly" for them (1); but I take it that Schumpeter intends to suggest that there are few civilized people and many barbarians.
Al economista austriaco Joseph Schumpeter se debe la popularizacion de la que es, quizas, la segunda metafora mas exitosa en economia, despues de "la mano invisible" de Adam Smith.
Prophet of innovation: Joseph Schumpeter and creative destruction.
Australian economist Joseph Schumpeter (1883-1950) in his publication "Theory of Economic Development" (1912) had attempted to work out a theory of economic growth and development around an explicit recognition of the contribution of technical innovation.
In presenting his ideas, he draws throughout upon the thoughts of famous economists such as Alfred Marshall and Joseph Schumpeter.
As Hayek (1992: 157) describes the two economists, '[Mises] completely lacked the adaptability of his brilliant seminar fellow Joseph Schumpeter .
The early 20th century economist, Joseph Schumpeter purported that innovation results from new combinations of knowledge, equipment, markets and resources.
Luego presenta y comenta los puntos de vista de Karl Marx, Joseph Schumpeter, Karl Polanyi y Moses Finley, los comentaristas mas celebres de legado economico aristotelico.
Taken up in postwar America by Joseph Schumpeter as a model of economic innovation through technological advancement, (4) the term is evoked by neoliberals to legitimate such predatory practices as downsizing and restructuring to turn a profit at the expense of the workers.
Such a transformation by means of radical innovation or "creative destruction," as termed by Austrian economist Joseph Schumpeter, is the foundation of Topol's expose of a not-so-distant future when the frontier of individual genomic data, wireless physiologic biosensors, and personal health records rescue medicine, as we know it, from its current path toward fiscal self-destruction.
In 1919, Joseph Schumpeter served as finance minister in his native Austria.