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English architect (1801-1865)

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The grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund will enable our partnership team to deliver on the fantastic plans for the space, including opening up the chapels, restoring some of the special monuments and making sure that we are delivering the original vision of its famous designer, Joseph Paxton.
Particularly as Joseph Paxton was the local MP from 1854 to 1865 and there are local connections.
London-based author Colquhoun (author of The Busiest Man in England: A Life of Joseph Paxton, Gardener, Architect & Victorian Visionary) contextualizes the murder of Thomas Briggs in an era that proliferated with "sensation" novels (which often depicted unsavory events in commonplace settings) and the fear of change wrought by industrialization.
Completed around 1890, the Italian Garden was designed by celebrated architect Joseph Paxton.
Joseph Paxton produced both a magazine and a series-work with coloured plates.
A conservatory in Chatsworth, England, designed by architect/ botanist Joseph Paxton in 1837, employed timbers, glass, wrought and cast iron with a ridge and furrow system based on the structure of the water lily Victoria regia.
THE BUSIEST MAN IN ENGLAND: A LIFE OF JOSEPH PAXTON, GARDENER, ARCHITECT & VICTORIAN VISIONARY tells of an 1800s Victorian pragmatist who worked in horticulture, urban planning and architecture and solved everything from big problems to small design issues.
Chapters are devoted to Delamotte, designer Sir Joseph Paxton, architect and designer Owen Jones, photographer Henry Negretti, and the palace's park and gardens.
Brindle's book goes some way to resolving this but, of necessity, dwells on the hugely busy fife he led in building his legacy, and in the process, misses again the opportunity to describe his life in the manner that was so beautifully achieved by Kate Colquhoun in her story of Joseph Paxton.
That exhibition was famously housed within a gigantic iron-and-glass edifice sketched out by Joseph Paxton, gardener to the Duke of Devonshire, on a piece of blotting paper.
CHATSWORTH house in Derbyshire is celebrating the work of gardener Sir Joseph Paxton with new exhibition.
Davis does include portraits of Exhibit supporters and opponents alike; Auerbach, disinclined to distinguish among the many minor characters in the production, details only the stars--Prince Albert and the Palace architect Sir Joseph Paxton.
The romantic style created by landscape artists such as Humphrey Repton and Joseph Paxton had swept through England and the continent during the late 1700s, turning estates and public gardens formerly constructed in straight lines and geometrical compositions into naturally composed scenery.
London Road Cemetery was designed by Joseph Paxton in 1846, who later went on to design the Crystal Palace (1851) and become Coventry's MP.
ON WORLD Mental Health Day, Joseph Paxton Campus in Wirral went yellow for young people's mental health.