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English empiricist philosopher who believed that all knowledge is derived from sensory experience (1632-1704)


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IN reply to A P Scott (Mercury, December 23), the song Back to Sorrento was probably sung by the Irish tenor Joseph Locke.
When Brassey and fellow engineer Joseph Locke were contracted to build the Paris - Rouen - Le Havre mainline, no local labour was suitable so they brought over 5,000 British navvies.
Joseph Locke opened his account when dropping into selling grade for the first time with a half-length success over Caj.
County Durham trainer Michael Dods has made a good start to the Flat season and he can bag another winner as Joseph Locke looks set to strike at Musselburgh today, writes Keith Hamer.
This was a fitting epitaph to a man born in humble circumstances who rose to fame as one of Britain's foremost mechanical and civil engineers, on a par with Isambard Kingdom Brunel and Joseph Locke.
The bar, which has been renovated recently, used to belong to the famous tenor Joseph Locke.