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English surgeon who was the first to use antiseptics (1827-1912)

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Victorian Britain comes with an exciting "Costumes" DLC pack as well, that lets you dress your WiiMii up as Joseph Lister, Sir Robert Peel and of course, Queen Vic herself.
Those early days at Halle were before the teachings of Joseph Lister and the technique of antiseptic surgery had been heard of; indeed, Lister's papers on this subject were first published in 'The Lancet' in 1867, the year of Volkmann's promotion.
His work was an inspiration to Joseph Lister, who developed antiseptic surgical techniques in Glasgow.
In 1867, Scottish surgeon Joseph Lister made an astounding invention.
Joseph Lister, Walter Reed and Charles Karl and William Menninger.
Desde finales del siglo XIX, cuando Joseph Lister establecio los principios de la asepsia y la antisepsia, se conoce que las medidas higienicas son la principal prevencion para la mayoria de las enfermedades infecto-contagiosas.
Joseph Lister publishes Antiseptic Principle of the Practice of Surgery, which centered on the need for cleanliness in the operating room.
The group is especially interesting in that most of the students attended university classes with the surgeon Joseph Lister, who introduced the antiseptic principle into surgery.
Semmelweis, junto con Louis Pasteur y Joseph Lister, son los personajes que cuentan, en voz de Jose Antonio Lopez Cerezo, los vericuetos que fue necesario vencer para que medicos y enfermos comprendieran que la antisepsia salva vidas y evita enfermedades.
It is hard to imagine, but it was not until 1867 that Joseph Lister published his findings about the critical need of using sterile procedures in the surgical setting.
Begun as an exercise in historical commuting, the work gradually expanded into "an international study of the spread of Listerian surgery and medical networks," many of these budding practitioners having attended the lectures and assisted the operations of Joseph Lister, the father of antiseptic surgery and an instructor at Glasgow (1861-69) and Edinburgh (1869-77).
Joseph Lister, best known for the prevention of infection in surgery, also claimed expertise as an anaesthetist although he did not administer anaesthetics personally.
Wootton argues that modern medicine began in 1865 when English surgeon Joseph Lister used antisepsis to improve outcomes.
Lister - Angela and Si Joseph Lister, of Springfield, a son.
Not to mention Joseph Lister, Thomas McAdam and John Logie Baird.