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English novelist (born in Poland) noted for sea stories and for his narrative technique (1857-1924)

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Joseph Conrad, in a fictionalized version has depicted the characters who he observed during his journey to Congo.
Joseph Conrad, El corazon de las tinieblas (Traduccion de Jahel Merediz; prologo de Juan Antonio Rosado Z.
Joseph Conrad, Jozef Teodor Konrad Nalgez Korzeniowski: Poland's English Genius.
The publication of Tamas Juhasz's recent monograph is an important event in Joseph Conrad studies (and, more generally, in English studies) in Hungary.
Joseph Conrad is one of the twentieth century's most beloved literary figures, "Conrad's Trojan Horses: Imperialism, Hybridity, and the Postcolonial Aesthetic" is a scholarly look at the works of Conrad, comparing him to his other literary contemporaries in the early 1900s such as Plaatje and Ghosh.
The Several Lives of Joseph Conrad by John Stape, Arrow, pounds 8.
Con este motivo se tradujo al espanol la biografia de John Stape: Las vidas de Joseph Conrad (Ed.
If the American writers of the "lost generation" were lost by the NRF, and the British Bloomsbury-group never discovered, one English-writing modernist did receive the NRF's full attention: Joseph Conrad.
Based on a Joseph Conrad story - and not an exciting one like The Secret Agent - this film is about Jean (Pascal Greggory) who comes home to find a letter from his wife Gabrielle (Isabelle Huppert) saying she's leaving him for another man.
This study of Joseph Conrad is welcome both for its perceptive readings of Conrad's great novels and for its demonstration of the quality and depth of insights possible when the humanistic tradition in criticism is not merely continued but renewed by a critic with the literary sensitivity and moral seriousness of George Panichas.
The Joseph Conrad Society of America presents an annual Bruce Harkness Young Conrad Scholar Award, named in honor of Bruce Harkness, Conrad scholar and former president of the society.
Leo Tolstoy, Joseph Conrad, DH Lawrence and Scott Fitzgerald are among the artists whose relationships are dissected through personal letters, diaries and memoirs.
That show, which took off from the Joseph Conrad novella, sought to generate a reflection on early colonialism and contemporary neocolonialism.
Already famous as the world's leading classical music label, Naxos has an extensive, award-winning audiobook catalog that stretches from Homer, Herodotus and Sophocles of the ancient world up to 20th century classics from James Joyce (represented not least by an unabridged Ulysses), Marcel Proust, Joseph Conrad and Henry James.
The source said: 'He loves the fact Rye was once home to literary giants HG Wells and Joseph Conrad.