Joseph's coat

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perennial aromatic herb of southeastern Asia having large usually bright-colored or blotched leaves and spikes of blue-violet flowers

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Let us kill a goat's kid and dip Joseph's coat in its blood.
The complex also boasts a James Turrell Skyspace, Joseph's Coat.
Any Dream Will Do finalist Keith Jack's own dreams came true when he eventually got to wear Joseph's coat of many colours.
Again, when the brothers came running to their aged father, Jacob, and asked him to identify the blood-stained shredded garment to determine whether it was indeed Joseph's coat of many colors, they used that same phrase, laden with bitter family association: 'Hakker-na [recognize please]' .
He is bright-eyed and eager enough, if a little on the bland side, and has a habit of swallowing both the words and notes during guiet passages, most noticeably in an opening version of Joseph's Coat.
It's been fantastic to see people release their inhibitions and experiment with a range of hues that would put Joseph's coat to shame.
From his commanding stage presence in the uplifting Any Dream Will Do to his emotive performance of Close Ev'ry Door, Derbyshire proved he is just as worthy as the likes of Jason Donovan and Philip Schofield of wearing Joseph's coat.
I'm not sure about putting Joseph's brothers in dungarees displaying their initials, but Joseph's coat, when displayed in all its glory in the rousing, feelgood finale, is indeed amazing.
Secondly, as Jacob used clothing to fool his father, so too he was fooled by the blood on Joseph's coat into believing that Joseph was dead (Genesis 37:32-34).
The problem isn't just that I'm getting rained on indoors; the problem is that I fear that I am suffering from some deficiency of the soul, for this installation is Joseph's Coat by James Turrell, an artist whose Skyspaces--pieces of architecture that have a section of the roof removed for celestial viewing--are being celebrated with canine devotion by nearly every critic alive.
Wading into the turquoise water, I was transported into another world, where a spectacular coral garden lay just feet below me and an abundance of technicolour fish that made Joseph's coat look dull zig-zagged around me.
He slipped on Joseph's coat of many colours - and stepped out to star on the West End stage.
And Joseph's coat of many colours became the envy of his 11 brothers, who threw him into a pit.
with live entertainment, food and beverages available for purchase, and a chance to experience Joseph's Coat.
Amaranthus aurora is a really striking, bright, yellow-topped foliage plant sometimes called Joseph's Coat.