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United States film maker (born in Austria) whose films made Marlene Dietrich an international star (1894-1969)

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DeMille and the edgy melodramas of Josef von Sternberg, the result is deeply nostalgic and somewhat doleful.
El ejemplo mas emblematico es Marlene Dietrich como el personaje de Hienrich Mann, Lola-Lola, en El angel azul (1931), bajo la direccion claroscura de Josef von Sternberg.
El libro poco tiene que ver con la famosa pero muy simplificada version cinematografica de Josef von Sternberg, centrada en la cantante Lola-Lola, que seduce y burla al quijotesco profesor Unrat.
Tyrannical director Josef Von Sternberg clashed with temperamental acting genius Charles Laughton, the latter complaining he just 'couldn't get' the role.
Another imported director with a more assimilative temperament, the Austrian Josef von Sternberg, was now given the job of bringing An American Tragedy in line with Hollywood expectations.
El salto a la fama lo consiguio en 1930 con "El Angel Azul", la pelicula de Josef von Sternberg en la que encarno al prototipo de mujer fatal en el papel de "Lola Lola", la cabaretera de sombrero de copa y ligas que hace perder la razon a un profesor universitario e inmortaliza la cancion "Estoy hecha para el amor de la cabeza a los pies".
Shot in sumptuous black and white worthy of Josef von Sternberg and filled with slices of the surreal and the cruel, Winnipeg visionary Guy Maddin's second feature is a masterpiece: a wistful, luminous conflation of absurdity, high romance, heroic delusion and the Canadian colonial.
The book's interviews vary in length, from the few terse exchanges with Josef Von Sternberg to the more than a hundred pages with Howard Hawks.
Yet famed director Josef von Sternberg once said that "every film is fiction because it is contrived.
I recently saw the widely released and new-looking print of Citizen Kane and, coincidentally on TV, The Scarlet Empress (1934) by Josef von Sternberg.
The Art Directors Guild (ADG) Film Society will screen the 1934 Josef Von Sternberg classic, "The Scarlet Empress," starring Marlene Dietrich, John Lodge, Sam Jaffe, Louise Dresser and C.
Their sheer CinemaScopic polish aside, the photogtaphs in Crewdson's series "Beneath the Roses," 2004-2007, a large selection of which made up this exhibition, suggest in their extraordinary lighting the work of a present-day Josef von Sternberg.