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Mexican painter noted for his monumental murals (1883-1949)

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There is no indication that he misused any authority or misused public money to harass or intimidate Jose Orozco," Cole wrote in a memo released Friday.
Jose Orozco El Jalisco dejo una grata impresion en su presentacion en la Plaza Mexico.
Entrevistado en las oficinas de la Liga Mexicana de Beisbol, su recien elegido presidente, Jose Orozco Topete, habla de la poca difusion del beisbol en Mexico, de la proliferacion de peloteros mexicanos en Grandes Ligas, del nuevo plan de trabajo y de un futuro promisorio.
cities were influenced by Mexican muralists such as Diego Rivera and Jose Orozco.
13, 2000), which features the likes of Jose Orozco and Rufino Tamayo; and a survey of behind-the-Great-Wall photography at the Asia Society's "China: Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic" (Oct.
Houston- A finales de mayo y principios de junio Jose Orozco se dio cuenta de la desagradable realidad que no podria vivir en el condominio de dos habitaciones que habia comprado hace mas de tres anos con su esposa e hijo.
During the 1960s and '70s, local artists became inspired by those from the Mexican mural movement, like David Siqueiros, Diego Rivera and Jose Orozco.
Lawrence's story-telling style, influenced by studying Mexican artists Diego Rivera and Jose Orozco during his student years, serves to make many aspects of Black history come alive for the reader/viewer.
CON-WAY's current roster of winning drivers includes: Jose Orozco (Tucson, AZ); Ina Daly (Phoenix, AZ); Clyde Jennings (Jackson, MS); Ken Darling (Sioux Falls, SD); Larry Akers (Wheeling, WV); Eddie Coulbourn (Seaford, DE); James Denson (Seaford, DE); David Dorminey (Dothan, AL); Don Elliott (Birmingham, AL); Dennis Day (Norcross, GA); Jerry Birmingham (Columbus, GA); Leroy Williams (Baton Rouge, LA); Scottie Thomas (Charlotte, NC); Terry Certain (Nashville, TN); Thomas Sullivan (Manchester, NH); David Schraub (Indianapolis, IN); Steve Gordon (Indianapolis, IN); Mark Serf (Muncie, IN); Wayne Cloverdale (Fort Wayne, IN); Dennis Rafferty (Rockford, IL); David James (Rock Falls, IL); Russ Martin (Rolla, MO); John Sanders (St.
One of the memos was issued in June, just days before Jose Orozco - a parolee who hadn't reported to his parole agent since early this year - was arrested in the slaying of Los Angeles County sheriff's Deputy Jerry Ortiz.
For Jose Orozco, an avocado grower in the heights of Jalisco, NAFTA was the best thing that ever happened, Soon after negotiators signed the accord, Orozco borrowed money to expand his farm so he could export avocados to the United States.