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The question of the thickness of continental roots is not the only issue about which Jordan and Anderson disagree.
To emphasize Jordan Brand's industry-leading footwear expertise and vision, the AIR JORDAN 2011 encourages today's athletes to rethink performance.
Singled out as "our premiere Black woman essayist" by no less than Nobel laureate Toni Morrison, Jordan has had a rich literary career spanning over three decades.
If he had worldly vices, these were seen as the moral (and perhaps inevitable) byproducts of dynastic power; they had little effect on how people talked publicly about Hussein's relationship to Jordan or his official persona as "our king.
I'm looking forward to the challenges that this opportunity brings," said Jordan in a statement.
Jordan herself criticizes identity politics for its essentialist and compartmentalizing tendencies: "I despair of identity politics-because identity is given and principles of justice/equality/freedom cut across given gender and given racial definitions of being, and because I will call you my brother, I will call you my sister, on the basis of what you do for justice, what you do for equality, what you do for freedom and not on the basis of who you are .
But Jordan offers little more than a dismissive shrug.
When the comments were brought to light by The State, a Columbia newspaper that acquired a tape of the meeting, Jordan asserted, "I was just teasing.
In general, Jordan has little patience with people who question his business or political dealings, and whether the overlap of those relationships might pose conflicts of interest.
Last year, bilateral trade between Jordan and the six oil-rich Gulf countries exceeded the $5 billion mark.
Both the Hebrew Torah and Christian Bible are filled with references to the lower Jordan region, where Moses' body was laid out and John the Baptist preached.
Jordan and Helen symbolize computer programmers and environmentalists of the future, and point out that we must pay attention to the integrity of our environment and the safety of cyberspace.
The film, told in 35 ``chapters,'' follows Kitten from boyhood, where his feminine proclivities developed, to his early-1970s adult years, where our dreamer, now in the throes of glam rock, often intersects with the Troubles, this being Jordan and Ireland and all.
That was a great Kwanzaa ceremony, Snackman," said Jordan, who was enthusiastically seconded in his opinion by Lisa and Kenny.