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English phonetician (1881-1967)


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COM launch include: New Cassettes, Locksley, George Byrne, Ginger Sling, The Midi Mafia, Theft, National Skyline, Atlantic Line, Hell & Lula, Marc Robillard, The Diamond Light, The New F-Os, Lego Johnson, Atlantic Connection, Desoto Jones, Daniel Chavez Wright (3D Friends) and Heavy Young Heathens.
From left, Adina Jones, Daniel Jones, both from Cannock, and Eve Deeley from Aldridge, wearing their 3D glasses.
Groomsmen were Kevin Jones, Daniel Coleman, Robert Dixon, Will Ledbetter, Rick McGowan, David McWilliams, and Trey Wilkenson.
Back (from left) Shaun Blood, Adam Ellis, Jack Steel, Nathan Jones, Daniel Windsor, Jordan Dales, Riley Smith, James Hindson and (front, from left) Luis Hancock, George Foster, Jack Johnson, Glen Proctor, Jamie Fagan and Kieren Riley.
For Narberth, apart from the Tuipulotu tries and Daniels points, there were touchdowns also for Andrew Jones, Daniel Evans, Gareth Bennett, Jason Jennings and Craig Hawkins, while Offside went over twice for Rumney with Alex McIntire and Paddy O'Neil also getting a brace and Anthony Jones bagging one try.
The top seven reads like a whose who of ballads, easy listening and cheese, featuring artists Katie Melua, Norah Jones, Daniel O'Donnell, Jamie Cullum, Lionel Richie, Harry Connick Jnr and Engelbert Humperdinck.
A Gotee Tribute To dcTalk's Jesus Freak; Various Artists; Brad Moist, Paul Ebersold, Todd Collins, Ahmad Jones, Daniel Huscroft, Mark Townsend, Joe Baldridge, Lucio Rubino, Liquid, Dave Wyatt
Rookies Brad Smith, Jordan Rossiter, Suso and Joao Carlos Teixiera also started with Brad Jones, Daniel Agger, Lucas Leiva, Philippe Coutinho, Martin Kelly and Fabio Borini providing the experience.
GOLFERS Jonathan Jones, Daniel Howls, Stephen Evans and Berwyn Price will be playing nine holes on nine different courses in 17-and-a-half-hours.
WALES U20: Ross Jones, Iolo Evans, Luke Williams, Cory Allen, Luke Morgan, Sam Davies, Jonathan Evans, Rob Evans, Kirby Myhill (capt), WillGriff John, Matthew Screech, Rhodri Hughes, Ellis Jenkins, Ieuan Jones, Daniel Thomas.
BONUS FEATURES (DVD and BLU-RAY(TM) HI-DEF): -- DELETED SCENES -- REMEMBERING HARVEY: Film clips and photos from the set of MILK illustrate stories and reflections from people close to Harvey: Cleeve Jones, Daniel Nicoletta, Frank Robinson, Carol Ruth Silver, Anne Kronenberg and Allan Baird.
In the meantime, Jamie Jones, Daniel Boyle and Kris Edwards will lead the Irish invasion along with Travis Dickinson.
Other award winners were: Nav Singh, David Turner, Michael Rowe, Ben Kirk, Robert Acton, Chris Standfield, Yvette Wright, Akbar Ali, Damion Lee, Matty Davis, Michael Summers, Marcus Bowen, Kerry Dobson, Paul Jones, Daniel Neil and Nigel Dunsford.
Young builders Lance Jones, Daniel Brunell and Kirk Blewitt
Aberavon: Tries _ G Jones, Daniel Hawkins; Cons _ J Davies (2); Pens _ J Davies (3).