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United States golfer (1902-1971)

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Aguilera, Urbina, Scott Williamson in 2003 and Billy Wagner last year were all pitchers who helped at least a little, but the list of the Red Sox's in-season bullpen acquisitions is a pretty sorry one - Eric Gagne, Scott Sauerbeck, Todd Jones, Bobby Howry, Bill Pulsipher, Greg Swindell, Steve Farr, Dan Petry, Andersen, etc.
The older players like Brian Harris, Barrie Jones, Bobby Woodruff and Ronnie Bird would help the likes of me, John Toshack, Don Murray and Leighton Phillips.
Jones, Bobby Gibson, Norma Fraser, Skip Jones, Jerry Zybach, Kenny Reed, Spun Honey and many others.
Front row: Geoff Hutt, Jimmy McGill, Frank Worthington, Les Chapman, Alan Jones, Bobby Hoy, Trevor Cherry and Roy Ellam.
Dave Jones, Bobby Gould, Micky Adams, Stuart Pearce and John Gregory have also been linked with the job.
JIMMY GREAVES, Cliff Jones, Bobby Smith, Martin Peters, Martin Chivers all knew where they had to be.