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United States labor leader (born in Ireland) who helped to found the Industrial Workers of the World (1830-1930)

United States railroad engineer who died trying to stop his train from crashing into another train

United States golfer (1902-1971)

American naval commander in the American Revolution (1747-1792)

one of the first great English architects and a theater designer (1573-1652)


English phonetician (1881-1967)


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There's the character-building work Jones has already done, of course, playing Sister Aloysius in John Patrick Shanley's ``Doubt'' from November 2005 to January 2006 at the Manhattan Theatre Club and, later, on Broadway.
Every night, eight performances a week, Jones also undergoes a physical transformation, layering up, strapping on her vestments to morph from a congenial 49-year-old actress from Paris, Tenn.
Jones noted that the Dover board had voted to require that students listen to a pro-ID disclaimer and stocked the school library with copies of a creationist tome called Of Pandas and People.
As the stock market crash of late 1929 consumed the nation's attention, the efforts of Eugene Kinckle Jones and other trained black social workers intensified.
JOHN PAUL JONES ARRIVED IN the United States like many immigrants--under a false name and a change of murder.
Jones purposely positioned the Richard close to the swifter, copper-bottomed Serapis to deny the larger ship the advantage of its larger and more numerous cannons.
Focusing attention on the marginalized perspectives of the black women in the text, I reconsider the received image of Bob Jones, the central protagonist, as a "Black Everyman.
Rosalie Jones, founder, director, and choreographer of Daystar: Contemporary Dance-Drama of Indian America, is backstage awaiting a performance of Sacred Woman, Sacred Earth, her evening-long cycle of modem Native American dance-dramas.
Jones, hired June 27 to manage plant safety, contends that the project cannot proceed on schedule or on budget without the risk of exposing workers and the public to potentially catastrophic releases of toxic agents.
THERE IS A CERTAIN reporter for a certain newspaper in the northern highlands o California who is not likely to forget Alice Goen Jones, or her chosen profession.
But Jones, who has been knocked out in his past two fights and has had severe damage done to what was going to be a strong legacy, isn't talking to the media, or anyone else for that matter.
ON A BRISK FRIDAY AFTERNOON, Quincy Jones sits in his plush hotel room in New York, where he conducts as much of his business as he does at home in Los Angeles.