John the Evangelist

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Elizabeth Leathley, project volunteer at St John the Evangelist, said: "The new kitchen will be invaluable to the three community outreach projects we are currently running.
These smiley youngsters are in the reception class at St John The Evangelist RC Primary School, Billingham.
John the Evangelist believes that this ministry is a profound expression of the gospel.
John the Evangelist during a celebration of the Eucharist.
John the Evangelist, Ottawa (Choirmaster's presence troubles bishops, June/July).
John the Evangelist Church, she enjoyed knitting, traveling, and spending time on the coast in New Hampshire and Maine.
Parishioners at St John the Evangelist are celebrating the award of pounds 158,000 from English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund for the work to be carried out on the building.
John the Evangelist, Ottawa, and astonished to read that Bishop Peter Coffin had "acquiesced" in the matter.
John the Evangelist Church and a longtime member of the Massachusetts Nurses Association, she loved her nursing career, her hometown, Clinton, and her Irish heritage.
John the Evangelist church, where he is also a lay minister and member of other church committees.
John the Evangelist is finishing the long-neglected bell tower.
John the Evangelist is known for its red roof and runs a lunch program for street people; St.
John the Evangelist Church-Restoration Fund, c/o 149 Chestnut St.
John the Evangelist church in downtown Ottawa, said his resolution reads: "Be it resolved that this synod ask the bishop of Ottawa to authorize requesting parishes to bless same sex unions.