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English reformer who published attacks on George III and supported the rights of the American colonists (1727-1797)


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John Wilkes Booth (Toby Kebbell) is arrested along with his co-conspirators Samuel Arnold (Jeremy Paul Tuttle), George Atzerodt (John Michael Weatherly), David Herold (Marcus Hester), Lewis Payne (Norman Reedus) and Michael O''Laughlen, as well as Mary Surratt (Robin Wright), who owned the boarding house where the men concocted their heinous plan to slay Lincoln (Gerald Bestrom).
FLIGHTY QUINN: Star Niall looking relaxed and ready at Dublin Airport yesterday; THREE UP FRONT: Paul Farrell, John Wilkes Jnr, and his dad John Wilkes Snr were yesterday confident that Ireland will make it to the finals; HAT-TRICK: Fans get in the mood; READING AND WAITING: Richie Lyons, John Carney, Kevin Smith and Vincent Murray catch up on the latest news at Dublin airport yesterday; BIG STEP: Boss Mick McCarthy
My first reaction was `Why would they think of me as John Wilkes Booth?
1865: American President Abraham Lincoln was shot whilst at the theatre by John Wilkes Booth.
On the one hand, his famous speeches, his part in the abolition of slavery and his assassination by actor John Wilkes Booth have given him an iconic status on a par with the likes of John F Kennedy and Martin Luther King.
Managing director John Wilkes had pledged the tours would continue, and yesterday it was revealed that a company called Pearlwild, of which Mr Wilkes is one of two directors, had bought the company name and other assets.
But Duck Tours managing director John Wilkes vowed none of the 10 staff will lose their jobs and, after tours stop on December 22 for normal maintenance, the business will be back in a new format next year, possibly with a third duck vehicle.
John Wilkes Booth, the man who shot Lincoln, was born in 1839, Lee Harvey Oswald was born in 1939.
Here, John Wilkes Booth and his band planned the assassinations of Lincoln, Johnson and Secretary of State William Seward.
BAGHDAD, IRAQ (NINA) -- The minister of Education, Mohammed Iqbal Omar al-Saydali discussed with British Ambassador to Iraq John Wilkes continuing international support for Iraq.
1865: Abraham Lincoln, America's 16th president, was fatally shot in Ford's Theatre by John Wilkes Booth, dying the next day.
On This Day: 1865: American President Abraham Lincoln was shot whilst at the theatre by John Wilkes Booth.
But MD John Wilkes says the moves will save the 10 staff from redundancy and secure the company's future.
Despite the Union's victory, he was assassinated by Confederate John Wilkes Booth.
In one scene, Fletcher wonders why assassins have three names - Mark David Chapman, Lee Harvey Oswald, John Wilkes Booth, James Earl Ray - but can't figure out how Sirhan Sirhan fits into the picture.