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American painter of historical scenes (1756-1843)


American satirical poet (1750-1831)


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From British artist John Trumbull informing Martha Washington that is he sending her an engraving of one of his portraits of her husband (which engraving still hangs in Mount Vernon today), to Queen Victoria offering consolation to Mary Todd Lincoln, to a girl with a pen pal in India asking Jacqueline Kennedy if she can accompany the first lady on a trip to that country, to Laura Bush writing a letter to the children of American after 9/11 to reassure them that people love and care about them and are looking out for their safety, "Letters To The White House" is a compendium of bits of heretofore obscure White House history that spans two hundred years.
The example below uses a famous painting by John Trumbull, Declaration of Independence, as the basis of information about an historical event.
The 204 Harvard men included the painter John Trumbull and congressman Fisher Ames but most became lawyers, doctors, business professionals or politicians or followed their fathers as planters and merchants.
Rather than fulfilling his matrimonial vows, Judge John Trumbull railed, Lung had abandoned himself to "habits of intemperance," and given the reins to [his] malignant passions:"
Leaders of the group, all graduates of Yale College, were John Trumbull, Timothy Dwight, and Joel Barlow, who later turned apostate and espoused Jeffersonian democracy.
The first two cantos of M'Fingal by John Trumbull, a satire on American Tories in the Revolution, were published.
Chief among them were <IR> JOHN TRUMBULL </IR> (1750-1831), <IR> RICHARD ALSOP </IR> (1751-1816), <IR> TIMOTHY DWIGHT </IR> (1752-1817), <IR> DAVID HUMPHREYS </IR> (1753-1818), and <IR> JOEL BARLOW </IR> (1754-1812), all of Yale College, together with <IR> Dr.
The American struggle for freedom was accompanied by much literary activity, most of it political in nature, as seen in the works of Thomas Paine, John Trumbull, and Francis Hopkinson (1737 - 91).
Highlights of the exhibition include paintings by American masters as Rembrandt Peale, John Singleton Copley, John Trumbull, Joshua Johnson (an American freedman) and Gilbert Stuart and French artists including Jacques-Louis David, Baron Antoine-Jean Gros, Pierre-Paul Prud'hon and Antonio Canova.
They were displayed in a bookshop window and caught the eye of Colonel John Trumbull, a Revolutionary War veteran and president of the American Academy of the Fine Arts.
Items on display include a number of prints based on paintings by prominent artists of Washington's time, such as Charles Willson Peale, John Trumbull, and Gilbert Stuart; more obscure works such as a 1783 cartoon of "Mrs.