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American philanthropist who left his library and half his estate to the Massachusetts college that now bears his name (1607-1638)


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Libraries and publishing have come a long way since the days of John Harvard and his book collection, but regardless of format, there will always be a need for quality books.
It is a laidback place to wander around and it's worth stopping to see the statue of John Harvard, also known as the statue of three lies - it claims he was the founder of the university when he was actually, a donor, it gives the wrong date of the establishment of the college, and it was modelled on an unknown student.
Au nombre de celles-ci, on trouve une reception offerte par le lieutenant-gouverneur de la province, John Harvard, un diner-croisiere sur la riviere Rouge a bord d'un vapeur a aubes et un diner au Musee du Manitoba, avec divertissements par l'Aboriginal Walking Woof Hoop Dancer, le groupe de chansonniers folkloriques canadiens-francais La Bardasse et la compagnie de danse ukrainienne Rozmai.
Following the summer recess, MLAs returned to the Chamber on November 15, 2006 to hear Lieutenant Govemor John Harvard deliver the NDP Government's ninth Speech from the Throne, opening the 5th Session of the 38th Manitoba Legislature.
Rare book dealer Peter Fallon gets caught up in a quest to find "a gift of majestic proportions," a book donated to Harvard College by John Harvard.
The plaque will be unveiled at 11:35-by Lieutenant Governor John Harvard and Joe Zuken's widow, Clara Zuken.
The tourists' first stop is usually an imposing statue of John Harvard that presides over the university's most sacred precinct, Harvard Yard (now called the Old Yard).
Several hundred years ago, John Harvard and other well-meaning forefathers of our country began to think seriously about how to provide quality higher education for their sons and daughters.
Last year's pledge-takers were well above the 271 who filed past the statue of John Harvard in 1999 to make their promises during Class Day ceremonies.
In 1636, a college in Boston adopted its name after receiving a substantial gift in the form of money and books from a gentleman by the name of John Harvard.
But immediately afterward, Harry Wu, the Chinese dissident who spent nearly two decades as a political prisoner, is to speak at the base of the statue of John Harvard in Harvard Yard.
The children in my lab make progress every year," asserts Pat Dunlap, the ESEA/Chapter I computer lab teacher at John Harvard Elementary School in Chicago, Ill.
The beginning of private support for American public libraries was usually attributed to John Harvard when he bequeathed some 300 volumes from his private library to a struggling colonial college which today is, of course, Harvard University.