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made the first orbital rocket-powered flight by a United States astronaut in 1962

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PHOTO (Color) John Glenn, right, joking about floating food, gets laughs from his shuttle crew mates Steve Lindsey, left, and Curt Brown.
A little known fact is that Buzz Aldrin and John Glenn were both decorated F-86 fighter pilots, and served simultaneously during the Korean conflict.
Her fiance, John Glenn, heard the news of the attack on Pearl Harbor while en route to hear Annie.
Construction of the USNS John Glenn began in April 2012.
JOHN Glenn made history in February 1962 when he became the first American to orbit the Earth.
Special por trait of Big Tom, John Glenn, T R Dallas and Mick Flavin adorn the walls.
Frank Keaveney from Tuam, a great supporter of the live music scene since the days his family operated the dance hall in Cummer, says he is delighted to see John Glenn following his dream.
The event was put together by Travis Stewart, a schoolteacher who mentors youths in the John Glenn Archery Club, and by BAA President Mark Ellenberg.
Cooper's efforts and those of his fellow Mercury astronauts, Alan Shepard, Gus Grissom, John Glenn, Scott Carpenter, Wally Schirra and Deke Slayton, serve as reminders of what drives us to explore.
Henry Holden's Trailblazing Astronaut John Glenn (0766051-668, $19.
Below, on 20 February 1962 Lieutenant Colonel John Glenn, USMC, was launched on the first orbital flights of the earth in the capsule Friendship 7.
Olympic Team send off to the Helsinki Games in 1952 to the 1998 celebration of John Glenn and the crew of the Shuttle Discovery.
An honor student and aspiring actress, Bianca was thrilled to interview astronauts John Glenn and Sally Ride last year.
The flight came one month before Alan Shepard's suborbital flight, and ten months before astronaut John Glenn became the first American to orbit Earth.
1998: Pioneering Astronaut John Glenn, the oldest person to go into space, gave a conference at the Kennedy Space Centre: 'I felt about as good as anybody would, sitting in a capsule on top of a rocket that were both built by the lowest bidder,' John Glenn replied when asked about his final space venture.