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an alchemist of German legend who sold his soul to Mephistopheles in exchange for knowledge


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John Faustus Scott Handy Cornelius, Vega, Pope, Old Man Jason Morell Foster Mark Lockyer Jake Chapman Stephen Noonan Dinos Chapman Jonjo O'Neill Helena Sophie Hunter Mephistopheles Jake Maskall Angels Isabelle and Elinor
John Faustus, an educated, modern man of Europe, has worked his way through all the academic fields of learning and yet finds himself deeply unsatisfied.
Nicolas Tennant as John Faustus is never off the stage and provides a convincing portrait of a man both anguished and having a bit of fun (his skitting of an historic Pope is a case in point).
There will be no Oscar nominations or multi-million pay packets for his portrayal of Dr John Faustus, playwright Christopher Marlowe's notorious lost soul who makes a deal with the devil.
The pageant of the Seven Deadly Sins is a marked divergence from Marlowe's main source for the play, The History of the Damnable Life and Deserved Death of Doctor John Faustus, which he generally follows pretty closely;(5) moreover, its origin in a Catholic exorcism ritual can clearly be related to the scene later in the play when the Pope is seen conducting an exorcism.