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A fantastic fish that is in season now is John Dory.
John Torode and Gregg Wallace judge the first batch of nervous cooks, who have an hour to make something from John Dory fish, clams, pears, cream and vanilla.
As did meaty, pearly white John Dory with a sweet Jerusalem artichoke puree and earthy, umamipacked trompette de la mort.
Next up was the aiguillette de de Saint-Pierre pochee au basilic risotto de petit epeautre de Sault au parmesan -- a basil-poached filet of John Dory accompanied by risotto with parmesan, the latter resembling an Arabic dish, saucy and creamy.
The Breslin Bar & Dining Room/The John Dory Oyster Bar
Over on the other side of the table, my dining partner had the John Dory (Dh172), a chunkier white fish that was also pan-fried and served with a smooth lobster sauce.
Other popular dishes include the grilled John Dory with lemon and ginger sauce, their sumptuous beef burger, and of course, their English breakfast.
Spicy John Dory with Grokha Chutney, Roast Chicken Breast with Moroccan spices, Chicken Ballotine stuffed with dates, Couscous with Harissa sauce, and Mango Souffle with a Tanzania liquid chocolate center, served with a macadamia biscotinni.
S-T-E-A-K," he said indignantly to some poor bloke in a tabard reeking of John Dory on the other end.
Take a little gamble, open up this fella with a good bit of Turbot, John Dory or even shellfish and then tell me you don't like Chardonnay - and I shall banish you to Dante's little known 10th circle, reserved for nincompoops of the dining room, bad comedians and personal trainers.
And nearby: Nuela (a haute Nuevo Latino cevicheria), and the John Dory Oyster Bar.
Furthermore, the building is a mere four blocks south of "celebrity central" Ace Hotel, home to Ken Friedman's Breslin Restaurant, John Dory Oyster Bar, Opening Ceremony and Stumptown Coffee Roasters.
EVER caught a John Dory sea fish and wondered what on earth was on your line?
I devour oxtail, Limousin lamb, the finest foie gras, peppered rare beef rump, John Dory, sweet scallops, cheeses, souffl, rum baba .
Mario Batali owes nearly $75,000 in rent at his recently closed Chelsea restaurant, the John Dory [NYDN]