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a hypothetical average man

an unknown or fictitious man who is a party to legal proceedings

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Part II argues that John Doe subpoena standards should be
requires a better understanding of the process of John Doe subpoenas.
pseudonymous John Doe, the plaintiff cannot file his suit until he knows
Because John Doe subpoenas are the central tool for litigation in
The challenges facing John Doe subpoenas stem from three related
First, John Doe subpoenas can have severe consequences, potentially
Second, John Doe subpoenas occur very early in the process of the
without proper notice, John Doe subpoenas can easily become ex parte proceedings.
John Doe subpoenas arise as part of many legal claims, including
which they arise, John Doe subpoenas regulate the breadth of protected
Rather than comparing existing John Doe subpoena standards as
The six factors of John Doe subpoenas are: (1) ensuring the defendant
briefly introducing the major John Doe subpoena cases in chronological
The seven major John Doe subpoena standards can be divided into two
These first four major John Doe subpoena cases, all of which