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a man of English descent


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Campaigner John Bull scaled the oldest tree in Birmingham city centre which is facing the axe
And that's some feat for the 77-year-old former police officer, especially while wearing his trademark John Bull attire, which includes top hat and tails.
Elsewhere, members have voted The John Bull, in Alnwick, as North Northumberland pub of the year, The Three Horse Shoes, in High Horton as South East Northumberland pub of the year, and the Boat House, in Wylam, as South West Northumberland pub of the year.
Contract notice: John Bull Building and Dental Educational Facility Cleaning Services.
Here he uses the figure of John Bull, representing Britain (sometimes England), who is giving reassurance to the female Marianne, representing France, while a bulldog (depicting the Royal Navy) looks on.
JOHN BULL No, I leave the shopping to my wife who is more organised than me.
Some drivers are very good - John Bull, 74, a retired sales representative from Acklam I think the buses and the drivers are brilliant.
So when raving Little Englanders, just as opposed to Welsh self-determination as they are to the EU, come knocking on your door suggesting we'd be better off being run by John Bull and his xenophobic pals, suggest they read up on their recent history.
Does he remember my uncle's tiny fruit stall which fitted at the base of the Salvation Army's headquarters on the canal bridge to the front of John Bull Stores at the start of Bridge Street?
Seven of his 25 wins came at Wincanton, where he won the Badger Beer Chase twice, the John Bull Chase and the Desert Orchid Chase.
Here are the stories of John Bull, Pat Desmond, Mart Duggan, Milt Yarberry, Dan Tucker, George Goodell, Bill Standifer, Charley Perry, Barney Riggs, Dan Bogan, Dave Kemp, and Jeff Kidder.
John Bull, head of adult services, said: "We want to hear people's views on what is good about the services they have, what is not so good and what changes they would like to see.
The John Bull Group, a leading duty-free retailer in the Bahamas, says it may open a third luxury boutique in Cuba--nearly 10 years after inaugurating its first Cuban outlet in Varadero.
The author can also be politically correct to an absurd degree and writes that 'Gillray's John Bull was a black man'.
The Englishman John Bull is a clothier, 'an honest plain-dealing fellow, Cholerick, Bold, and of a very unconstant Temper'; he is thus bull-like in his temperament, though he is susceptible to flattery and is easily led by other nations.