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a custard-like food made from curdled milk

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The new MinusL Joghurt Drink enriches the wide product range with three flavours: Natural, Orange and Vanilla.
The other chicken fillet is Joghurt Pfeffer with a marinade of yogurt and green peppers.
53 290 liter tej, 1 608 kg trappista sajt, 4 550 liter tejfl, 87 460 db joghurt s kefir, 6 540 db tr rudi, 4 660 kg tr, 17 350 doboz kockasajt, 9 880 db tmlos sajt, 2 410 kg Rama margarin, 3 620 db sajt s vajkrm szlltsa.
Its new Eis oder Joghurt Mousse dessert is sold chilled and can be served as a creamy yogurt mousse, or can be frozen to become a soft ice cream style product.
48 000 liter tej, 2 045 kg trappista sajt, 6 900 liter tejfl, 38 980 db joghurt s kefir, 12 800 db tr rudi, 3 450 kg tr, 3 550 doboz kockasajt, 8 400 db tmlos sajt, 3 980 kg margarin, 1 305 db vajkrm szlltsa.
There were four offerings in Scholler's initial Frubetto launch: Yogurt Waldfrucht, with chunks of berry; Buttermilch Pfirsich, featuring chunks of peach; Buttermilch Kirsch-Erdbeer, with both cherries and strawberries; and Joghurt Lemon-Apfel, with apple chunks.