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United States author who wrote the stories about Uncle Remus (1848-1908)

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Joel Chandler Harris never went so far, instead framing the Remus
In a talk in 1981 ("The Dummy in the Window: Joel Chandler Harris and the Invention of Uncle Remus") she speaks of becoming depressed when thinking of Uncle Remus.
Folklore, Performance, and the Legacy of Joel Chandler Harris.
Joel Chandler Harris rose to fame with the figure of Uncle Remus and his Brer Rabbit stories.
Una de las hipotesis, podria ser, entonces, que los cuentos de tio Conejo son producto de una adaptacion (bastante) libre de Carmen Lyra de los cuentos de Joel Chandler Harris, el cual se senala en la nota de presentacion del cuento como recolector de la tradicion popular.
also home to Alice Walker (`The Color Purple') and Joel Chandler Harris (`Uncle Remus').
As one reviewer has stated: "Walter Brasch's energetic and engaging biography reconstructs the active professional life and rich sociological and historical legacy of Joel Chandler Harris as a journalist and dialect writer.
Rabbit Finds His Match at Last" "Terrapin Races," and "The Wonderful Tar Baby Story" in the Uncle Remus collections written by Joel Chandler Harris.
Journalist Joel Chandler Harris (of Uncle Remus fame) praised the charity's efficiency: "There are no exhibitions of self-importance.
When he canonized the "Signifying Monkey," Abrahams became the latter-day and "dirtier" version of Joel Chandler Harris, preserving a colloquial bestiary that was only vaguely familiar, if at all, to people born since the Second World War.
Joel Chandler Harris began a 31-year association with the Atlanta Constitution.
This was followed by a number of short stories and serials of Southern life by Cable, Joel Chandler Harris, Thomas Nelson Page, James Lane Allen, and others.
Originally published in 1978 in Twayne's United States Authors Series and now reissued as one of the University of Georgia Press's Brown Thrasher Books, dedicated to Georgia history and culture, Joel Chandler Harris confirms Harris's considerable impact on American literary and popular culture.
In his Pisan Cantos (perhaps his greatest celebration of the locus amoenus, written only a few miles south of Pea's Viareggio), he mentions Pea in the same breath as James Whitcomb Riley, the American dialect poet and a lifelong favorite of Pound's, as was Joel Chandler Harris.
Uncle Remus, the creation of Joel Chandler Harris, is one of many masks employed by the Plantation School to justify the restoration of white supremacy," according to Robert Bone's 1975 analysis (Bickley, Critical 139).