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a hypothetical average man

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It will come expensively bound, with a cover sheet written by some high mucky-muck in the organization about how columnist Joe Blow is a vital voice to the community, an award-winning journalist whose prose shines through, stunning readers with his soul-searching, heart-rending, penetrative ratiocination.
Senate may not care what Joe Blow thinks about the national debt and may not listen, but the supervisors are right there-close, accessible, within shouting distance.
If we're portraying illiteracy as some sort of disease, then the employer, who may be very community-minded, is naturally going to say, "I can't go up to Joe Blow and say why don't you join this basic literacy course?
DFV Wines produces Gnarly Head, 337, Irony Napa Valley, Delicato, Clay Station, Twisted, Joe Blow, Bota Box, King Fish, Loredona, and French import Chateau Maris.
DFV Wines include Bota Box, Clay Station, Delicato, Gnarly Head, Irony, Joe Blow, King Fish, Loredona, 337, Twisted, and Chateau Maris.
Just take me like I'm some Joe Blow off the street, out of college, and see if I'm good enough to play.
I'm Joe Blow and I'm working on the new Al Pacino movie.
DFV Wines' portfolio includes DFV Wines, Gnarly Head, Twisted, Irony Napa Valley, 337, Clay Station, Joe Blow, King Fish and Monterra.
I didn't lose to Joe Blow and Blow Joe - I lost to Martinez and Hopkins.
DFV Wines' portfolio includes Delicato Family Vineyards, Gnarly Head, Twisted, Irony Napa Valley, 337, Clay Station, Joe Blow, King Fish and Monterra.
9-11-01 - we will never forget," Joe Blow T's hopes to donate profits from more than 700,000 T-shirts to the Red Cross National Disaster Relief Fund.
the legendary 153-year old global provider of products and services for safety, security, protection and sport, today announced that it has entered into an agreement with Joe Blow Tees, Inc.
If I'm Joe Blow trying to build muscle, I'm going to take creatine.
A few of the recent licensing partnerships have included agreements for footwear with Rugged Shark LLC, T-shirts with Joe Blow, and puzzles with Warren Industries.