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a hypothetical average man

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She now finds that if she uses her own name on her own creations, the Joe Bloggs company could well have a good case against her.
Today Joe Bloggs employs more than 100 people and is successful in men's sportswear, jeans and casual wear as well as tops and sweat pants.
Players just want to play in a competition, they can call it whatever they want - the Joe Bloggs Cup, even.
I don't know that the new regime will make pensions simpler, but I think the property element will make them easier for Joe Bloggs to relate to.
I doubt whether Joe Bloggs on the terraces and the football managers of this particular era will ever see eye to eye.
Look at him as your average Joe Bloggs rather than this superhuman phenomenon.
However, the ordinary Joe Bloggs cannot tackle these thugs alone, we need police help.
WE MAY no longer mock immigrants , or even Joe Bloggs from next door who is a long-standing member of the ``bad back brigade'', but they are mocking us .
He wished her luck but pointedly added: "I'm just an average Joe Bloggs, all this is my wife's nightmare.
Shares in Moss Boss jumped some 19 per after the Joe Bloggs founder said he was prepared to pay up to pounds 9 million more for the business.
But if Joe Bloggs goes kerb-crawling and picks up a tart on the street he is a disgusting pervert and she is a slut.
There may be penalty clauses if you don't reach targets, for example, and these targets may get harder once every Joe Bloggs on the block has an ATM.
Speaking of Sutcliffe and Brady, Professor Maden, who ran Broadmoor's Dangerous Severe Personality Disorder Unit, added: "If their names were Joe Bloggs they'd have been back in prison a long time ago.
JOE BLOGGS TAXI DRIVER 1 Ali Mjan, 30, from Grangetown, Cardiff, has been a taxi driver since 2005.
Secondly, Harry is a prince, a leader, third in line to the British throne, and not some Joe Bloggs nor Les Horton.