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a hypothetical average man

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Joe Bloggs was synonymous with baggy jeans and T-shirts, the renaissance of flares and Manchester's Hacienda-dominated music scene of the late 1980s and 90s.
But if you're a regular Joe Bloggs you cannot afford to pay pounds 150 - and why should you?
The book features Muslim sporting role model and former Huddersfield rugby league player Ikram Butt and Bushra Ahmed, founder of the Joe Bloggs clothing company.
Bruce, who intends to visit Pennant behind bars, said: ``I do believe a prison sentence was harsh and if Jermaine had been your Joe Bloggs in the street, I don't think he'd be where he is today.
I don't know that the new regime will make pensions any simpler, but I think the property element will make them easier for Joe Bloggs to relate to.
Ms Emanuel was heading for bankruptcy in 1997 and she turned to a man she thought of as a white knight - Joe Bloggs entrepreneur Shami Ahmed.
KNIGHTHOODS are given to people with outstanding qualities, whether they're prominent figures who are regularly in the public eye or Joe Bloggs, who crosses the children over the road each morning.
The rags-to-riches millionaire, who is still only 34, runs Manchester-based clothing empire Joe Bloggs.
But Ferdinand said: "If you speak to Joe Bloggs and say, 'Kick It Out, what was the guy's name, what did he look like, was anyone there?
I think if Joe Bloggs was caught with some wrongdoing he would be yanked in to the local nick before you could utter the words "Electric Bill".
IF JOE Bloggs misappropriated pounds 56,000 from his employer, he'd be lucky to stay out of prison, never mind keep his job.
The government has done a lot but sometimes the regular Joe Bloggs in the street has to do his bit as well.
Clearly this is not an issue and neither should it become one since there are real issues in the world to address, but it has always been the tradition to write Joe Bloggs MP/AM and not MP/AM Joe Bloggs
All the more so because after the first few giggles the commentators used his nickname as if he was just another Joe Bloggs.
Picture the next scenario - Joe Bloggs, an honest overworked person who files his tax return on February 1, missing the deadline date of January 31.