Jockey shorts

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short tight-fitting underpants (trade name Jockey shorts)

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Jockey shorts, pants, Y-fronts, call them what you will - but in 1935, our esteemed undergarments were known as briefs.
Short and portly, with close-cut blond hair and a voice that can knock your jockey shorts off, Dee often appears as the romantic lead.
Ditch the jockey shorts Swap tight-fitting underwear for loose boxer shorts and choose cotton shorts not man- made.
It is rivaled only by her "Tosca," which I remember vividly because the heroine would carry her lover's jockey shorts around in her purse as a sort of souvenir.
The visitor, wearing only a hopelessly inadequate pair of tartan jockey shorts, was swiftly pushed out of bed and despatched into the corridor.
On one occasion, I kept adding newspaper, kindling, old jockey shorts, anything I could reach.
wearing slacks with a fly in front, boyish hairstyles, Jockey shorts for her, etc.
Forget Calvin Klein and drop your trendy jockey shorts - and get into a pair of Gazza's.
Either way, a company whose laundry service routinely loses its employees' socks or shrinks their jockey shorts is a company that's going to have an awful lot of disgruntled staff members walking around the corridors.
He sets out to become a male underwear model, and shows off his stuff in several topless shots and in one sequence in which he poses in Jockey shorts.
Jockey shorts hold the testicles unnaturally close to the body, warming sperm (which die by the thousands when heated).
My number was called, and I bought 50 Jockey shorts and 50 undershirts.
What's more, they threaten me by saying if we don't enter Rapidash, they'll make off with all the jockey shorts.
I've started wearing jockey shorts because another mate convinced me their name meant they guaranteed you a good ride.