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someone who buys large quantities of goods and resells to merchants rather than to the ultimate customers

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Talent Tech Labs, a community focused on the discovery and validation of emerging talent acquisition technologies, invited Jobber Group to virtually present their new Persona Platform that operationalizes persona and data-driven validation for candidates during the hiring process.
The Pantry Inc (Nasdaq:PTRY) announced on Friday that it has entered into a Branded Jobber contract to purchase motor fuel from BP Products North America Inc.
Today's race should be run much more to suit a horse who has always been at his best tracking the pace, as there are enough genuine front-runners in here to allow Jack Mitchell to drop The Jobber in behind.
Jobbers then purchase the gasoline at their chosen refiner's truck rack and then deliver and resell the gasoline to retailers who have contracted with the jobber for delivered gasoline.
NEW YORK-The jobber season is upon us as fabric wholesalers converge on the New York converters to ferret out the season's hottest new fabrics.
Perhaps the best way to position ourselves for the future is to cast aside the traditional jobber mindset ("perform as called upon") and search to provide customers whatever can't be found elsewhere.
com)-- Today, Jobber Group announces their new name and brand.
New York-The New York jobber market will begin later this month and continue into early October.
These allow direct access to its furniture manufacturers -- including Century, Sherril and Norwalk -- and jobber clients such as Robert Allen, Kravet and Stroheim & Romann.
This store owned by prominent Jobber on the West Coast of FL.
Steve Dutson, executive vice president of marketing for jobber Peachtree Fabrics, said, "You have to have a variety.