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a language of Australian aborigines

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In Jirrbal (Barlow, 2001), the translations are in parentheses following the indigenous words: "Once, long ago, Nguma (father) and Yabu (mother) wanted to go fishing.
In Jirrbal (Barlow, 2001), the illustrator supplies a small icon next to each Jirrbal word, and the author includes a glossary.
There is similar suppleness with respect to Jirrbal and Girramay word endings.
Cairns, QLD: The Girramay and Jirrbal People of Jumbun.
Dixon [1989, 133] reports that gendering in Jirrbal encodes creation beliefs.
New Indigenous tourism ventures in 2002 include Kuku Yalanji Coastal Habitat Tours marketed by Daintree Ecolodge; Bunda Dibandji (Bare Hill) Art Site Tour near Kuranda, a joint venture between Djabugay Tribal Aboriginal Corporation and Cedar Park Resort; and Gugubarabi Echo Creek Walk in the Tully Valley, a partnership between El Rancho del Rey and local Jirrbal guides, Robert and Ernie Grant.
During her visit, Ms Priman listened to various recordings of her own language, Warrgamay, as well as identifying resources relevant to eight other Queensland rainforest languages that fall under the geographic jurisdiction of the Girringun Aboriginal Corporation in Cardwell: Bandjin, Jirrbal, Djiru, Girramay, Gugu-Badhun, Gulngay, Nyawaygi and Warrungu.