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United States pioneer and hero of the Texas revolt against Mexico

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Styling himself the "Napoleon of the West," he succeeded in re-taking the Alamo (which Texian forces under Jim Bowie had wrested earlier from a small Mexican garrison), and killing all of its defenders, including the famed trio of William Barrett Travis, David Crockett, and Jim Bowie.
Bowies, made famous by the legend of Jim Bowie and brother Rezin (who purportedly made the original) were large camp/combat knives with blades typically 8" and longer.
Black also made a knife for the pioneer Jim Bowie, who died in the Battle of the Alamo in 1836.
The guide pretends the father is a hero of the Alamo: "Let's say you're Jim Bowie.
El racismo del Consejo de Educacion de Texas es evidente al insistir en que se eliminen de los textos de historia tejana los nombres de hispanos que son importantes figuras historicas, incluyendo los de quienes murieron con Davy Crockett y Jim Bowie en el Alamo.
It was the same year Gerald's dad gave him a huge hunting knife and according to the pamphlet included in the box, it was a genuine, serial-numbered, certified duplicate of the one Jim Bowie clutched in his hand during his last moments at the Alamo.
After Paul Wellman's 1951 book on Jim Bowie was published, Warner Brothers brought the novel to the silver screen starring Alan Ladd.
David Bowie adopted his last name from Texas hero Jim Bowie to avoid confusion with the Monkees' Davy Jones.
He's also had recurring roles on "The Adventures of Jim Bowie," "Wanted: Dead or Alive" and "Death Valley Days.
Davy Crockett is one of America's most famous historical figures, and his last stand at the Alamo with Jim Bowie and 187 other brave men, against General Santa Ana and his troops, is among the most famous and critical battles in American history.
Long before the event that made heroes of Jim Bowie and Davy Crockett, a group of Tejanos (Mexicans who had lived in Texas for generations) began the battle for Texas.
After holding back the Mizzippy River to allow the freed slaves to cross over into Indian country, Arthur Stuart is sent to Mexico after Calvin, who has joined Steve Austin and Jim Bowie on an expedition to wipe out the natives.
Jim Bowie was chronically ill, as were Andrew Jackson and Jefferson Davis.
Lee, Jim Bowie, Dwight David Eisenhower and Crazy Horse.
Business consultant Jim Bowie will be guest speaker at Thursday's meeting of the Rubicon Society of Lane County.