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a Muslim who is involved in a jihad

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The post Last jihadist stronghold in Syria crumbles appeared first on Cyprus Mail .
This issue is important because if it is established that jihadists died martyrs, then they are compensated with a place in jannah or paradise - a siren song used to lure gullible young recruits (on top of promised monetary compensation) to the cause.
As Islamic State is squeezed more and more in the Middle East, returning jihadists are being told to attack in the UK.
He pointed that the young Jihadist, who is a ninth grade student, was deceived by some and travelled to Libya for Da'wah (preaching of Islam) but found himself among ISIS fighters.
Most local jihadist groups are neither related to nor directed by al-Qaeda even if they use the al-Qaeda brand name.
Mainly, because the realm of "jihadists" is exclusively handled by the Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MyT), we don't know what kind of relationships ISIL and other jihadist groups, especially al-Nusra Front, have with MyT.
Within a week, Operation Serval had put together a joint force that stopped the jihadist offensive and retook the initiative.
Security officials also suspect the jihadist masterminded the assassination of Prosecutor General Hisham Barakat in a Cairo explosion late last month, the first such killing of a top state official since 1990.
For over six months, intelligence about terrorist plans to expand the jihadist fronts have circulated in the country and it is known to most politicians.
In the video, an unidentified, masked jihadist is seen surrounded by militants calling on French Muslims to quit their country for IS' self-proclaimed "caliphate", which covers parts of Iraq and Syria.
But it is typical of American politics today that we focus on this and not what would have really made the world feel the jihadist threat was finally being seriously confronted.
A key jihadist objective is to force states to crack down harder on Muslim communities, which gives credence to their claim that it is the West which is in fact waging war on Islam.
By the middle of 2011 the US had killed two of al-Qaeda's most important leaders: Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki - the man believed to have inspired the latest jihadist attack in Paris.
So far only one incident - the bombing in May 2014 of Jewish Museum in Brussels, Belgium, was related to jihadist 'spillover'.
Cotabato City - Investigators from the government intelligence community are investigating the involvement of a jihadist group operating in Southern Philippines in the bombing of a passenger bus along Bukidnon on Nov.