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the imperial dynasty of China from 1122 to 221 BC

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Tainan boasts of the Sun Moon Lake, so named, according to Jhou, because it originally consisted of distinctly shaped bodies of water-one round, and the other crescent-shaped.
Those charged were identified as Taiwanese nationals Lin Szu Wei, Hsiao Chun-Huang, Zeng Shao-Wei, Chang Chih-Chih, Fan Yu-Lung, Chen Jhih-Hong, Chou Yuan-Syun, Wu Pei-Yu, Weng Wei-Chieh, Yang Shuang-Chuan, Wu Shau-Wei, Lien Yu-Ting, Sun Chia-Hui, Wang Yung-Chun, Jhou Tian-You, Hong Gou-Siou, Chou Hsi-Ao, and Lo Li-Yin.