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a teacher and prophet born in Bethlehem and active in Nazareth

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The kings also demonstrate that they have been 'converte[d] to hym' (587) when they each in turn renounce Antichrist as a heretic (590, 599) and vow to live 'for Jhesu sake' (611).
lt;<Item unes taules de oratori, e son per tot tres taules, en la una de les quals es la figura de Jhesu Xrist e de santa Maria, e en Taltra la figura de santa Maria Magdalena, e en Taltra de Sent Johan, e Testoig de Toratori>>.
Como no podia seguir en la obra, me pregunto si yo queria hacer ese papel y le dije que si', conto Jhesus a SEMANA via telefonica, en un receso de sus nueve horas de ensayo, mientras buscaba las llaves de su auto y manejaba desde el Hobby Center for the PenCorming Arts hasta su hotel.
But just as the gross figures of the crucifixion did not appear repulsive to readers, such chastising might have been as comfortable as the gentle consolation of the "blessyd Jhesus.
8), "Der Herr Jhesus speisete mit sieben Brod" (pt.
The world salsa champion Jhesus Aponte, Nichola McAuliffe, and Kelvin
3455-56); invokes "Seint Thomas" a second time (3461); takes an oath "by Jhesus, hevene kyng
Furthermore, the suggestion that he will act according to Prudence's will, as opposed to simply considering her advice, raises again the spectre of the question of "maistrye"--we recall that among Melibee's initial objections to taking advice from his wife were the admonitions of Jhesus Syrak and Solomon against giving mastery to one's wife--and implies that Melibee is not judging and interpreting as he has been instructed to do, but simply doing what he is told.
Todos llevamos dentro algo de Jerusalen, Jhesus, todos llevamos dentro algo de Roma, lus, todos llevamos dentro algo de Grecia, Nous; Ius, Nous y Jhesus, Religion, Derecho y Pensamiento son los constitutivos esenciales de la cultura occidental.
Therfor Jhesus eft makynge noise in hym silf, cam to the graue.
Coyssyn, I pray zow sende me worde of zour welfare and comande me To my fader and zours, and zour moder, and Jhesus keppe zow.
2 ("wiewol Jhesus selber nicht teuffet, sondern seine Junger") ("although Jesus himself did not baptize but only his disciples" [Revised Standard Edition]); Gesammelte Werke, 1:209 ("doch taufte er selbst nicht sondern nur seine Freunde") ("yet he himself did not baptize but only his friends").
And after this Jhesus, of his mercy, Made Alla wedden ful solempnely This hooly mayden, that is so bright and sheene; And thus hath Crist ymaad Custance a queene.