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The fact that this power to validate rested with civil rights leaders points to the American Soviet Jewry movement's connection to its American time and place.
The section of Manilla Road from Tribe Street to Jewry Street is a major pinch point in recent years we have seen traffic gridlock in the morning and afternoon peak times, he said.
Asked in the television interview to address the "abyss" in Israel's ties with US Jewry and whether she understands why many US Jews no longer feel connected to Israel, Hotovely said: "I can't understand that.
Though disillusioned with Rabbi Hirsch in communal affairs, Moravian Jewry found in him a spokesman in the struggle for common human rights, a representative to the Moravian Diet, and champion of emancipation for Habsburg Jewry as a whole (p.
Kaplan demonstrates that the strategy adopted by the representatives of French Jewry was generally successful.
New German Jewry and the European Context is not only about Jews, Judaism, and contemporary German-Jewish relations, but also about more general issues connected to migration, ethnic and ethnoreligious categories and identifications, imperial and national diasporas, collective memory, and European history.
Jewry later also appeared in Billy Fury's movie, Play It Cool.
Repetitive urgings by those who had an interest in promoting a close relationship of world Jewry with Israel, and the innocence of those who readily accepted the notification permitted a vocal part of world Jewry into supporting Israel.
Feingold is professor of history emeritus at Baruch College and the Graduate Center of the City University of New York, and he has written a number of celebrated books on American Jewry and edited the highly acclaimed five-volume series, The Jewish People in America.
Turning the Kaleidoscope" also examines the future of European Jewry, their ongoing role in shaping Europe, and the effects of globalization on their culture.
Written by Hermann Levin Goldschmidt (1914-1998), who founded and directed the Judisches Lehrhaus in Zurich from 1952 to 1962, and first published in 1957, Legacy of German Jewry is a thorough reexamination of the German-Jewish experience, now available in English translation.
Huscroft proposes to overlay the results of recent historical research upon the portraits that Michael Adler, Cecil Roth, and Henry Richardson drew of medieval English Jewry.
4) I want to reflect briefly here on how Shakespeare's Jewry is similarly marked by temporal distance from the present--and in ways that parallel certain contemporary American discourses of world cultures.
Grossman, Professor of Jewish History at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, brings a thoroughgoing expertise in the legal, exegetical, ethical, social, and literary sources of medieval Jewish life to this systematic exposition of what can be surmised about that voiceless female half of medieval Jewry who left virtually no written documents of any kind.
Jack Rosen, chairman of the Council for World Jewry, cited Musharraf's philosophy of "enlightened moderation" as "exactly the kinds of words we are all searching for from leaders of the Muslim world.