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a small lyre-shaped musical instrument that is placed between the teeth and played by twanging a wire tongue while changing the shape of the mouth cavity

References in classic literature ?
He is a harmless enough fellow, Parker by name, a garroter by trade, and a remarkable performer upon the jew's-harp.
Eighteen-year-old Antoine (Alexandre Carril) and twin Quentin (Victor Carril) are almost indistinguishable (one draws, the other plays a jew's-harp and sports an ersatz eyebrow scar).
Fluid widescreen lensing by Alun Bollinger and an unusual though highly effective score dominated by jew's-harp and violin lend a slightly otherworldly atmosphere to the backwater locale.
The young and irreverent trio, whose makeshift instruments sound a lot like jew's-harp, metronome and vibes, is dedicated to "cleaning the universe" and putting on interviewers.