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The principle of the hovercraft was to use a jet motor to produce a cushion of air between the ship and the water, on which the craft could move across quickly and economically.
HOUSTON -- Grifco International (OTC: GFCI) has announced that it plans to produce another 50 Jet Motor units by mid-September.
Tenders are invited for 18 foot commercial boat & yamaha 90 HP jet motor & boat trailer.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance and repairs to submercible pump sets and jet motors, in ramanthapur and uppal wards in uppal div no.
In one of these projects, the Company is providing innovative remedial technologies to clean up contaminants that were caused by testing jet motors and propeller jet engines at the site in past periods.
Tenders are invited for Maintenance and repairing of submersible pump sets, jet motors, electrical panel boards in various places of ward no.