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the theology or the practices of the Jesuits (often considered to be casuistic)


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As with Gestefeld's earlier lectures, Jesuitism barely registers in Eddy's correspondence.
Beyond its sensationalistic tone, however (which is, remarkably, focused enough to lend the piece an overall air of precision), and even beneath its conspicuous logical contradictions, Jesuitism promoted a viewpoint about the nature of truth and its relationship to humans that was rooted in Theosophical sympathies.
To complicate matters further, Jesuitism later portrayed Eddy's nearly exclusive recommendation of Bible-reading as denying others the "power" to understand Christian Science.
Not all the contradictions in Jesuitism can be explained by reference to Theosophy; some are simply contradictions, born of passion, enmity, and assorted other emotions.
Theosophical sympathies formed a key thread in Jesuitism, and they provided Gestefeld with the rationale to finally and fully reject Eddy, her teaching, and her church.
Gestefeld, Jesuitism in Christian Science (Central Music Hall, Chicago: Ursula N.
That, according to Martins, was what had happened in 1580, after wealth and Jesuitism had destroyed the old patriotism.
90) Even Eduard Windhorst, the leader of the Catholic Center Party in Germany, could speak of the "universally polluting and suffocating spirit of Jesuitism, that has unfortunately affected far too many in our Fatherland.
He called his opponents a "coalition of democracy, liberalism, bureaucracy, and skepticism, along with hypocrisy and Jesuitism.