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common small shrubby pine of the eastern United States having straggling often twisted or branches and short needles in bunches of 2

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Wetlands of the New Jersey Pine Barrens: the role of species composition in community function.
Habitat use by pine snakes (Pituophis melanoleucus) in the New Jersey Pine Barrens; individual and sexual variation.
These two families are poised to get into their own war struggling for the turf left open by the HomePlace gang, recently liquidated -- somewhere in the Jersey Pine Barrens, I think.
A study of two communities of the New Jersey Pine Barrens and a comparison of methods.
Its gardens of more than 20,000 annual flowers and plants, which wind through 30 acres of south Jersey pine barrens and wetlands, is blooming and open for visitors from May through mid-October.
Nearly all anurans found within or adjacent to the New Jersey Pine Barrens are less acid tolerant than H.
I grew up in New Jersey, near the Jersey pine barrens.
The Bike MS: City to Shore Ride, which has been named by Bicycling Magazine as the "Best Cycling Getaway in NJ", goes through the blueberry fields of Hammonton, the South New Jersey pine barrens and into historic Ocean City.
She presents four essays analyzing farmers of the New Jersey Pine Barrens Reserve acting as agricultural stewards; the relationship between agricultural markets, suburbanization, and other forms of landscape change; the relationship between landscape change and residents' identification with the built environment; and aspects of regional identity, agriculture, and community as seen in light of festival and ritual promoting seasonal awareness.
McIntosh compared the flora of the mountains to that of the New Jersey pine barrens and concluded the resemblance was chiefly physiognomic, the apparent similarity due more to the occurrence of certain wide-ranging xeric species common to the two areas than to a high degree of similarity of all the flora.
The fourth site is a streamside swamp system in Pomona, New Jersey (39 [degrees] 27[minutes] 40[seconds]N, 74 [degrees] 36[minutes] 00[seconds]W), [approximately equal to]24 km northwest of Atlantic City in the New Jersey Pine Barrens.
Wetland pitch pine sites like that at Plessis have been described from New Jersey pine barrens (McCormick, 1979; Olsson, 1979), and the Ramapo and Shawangunk Mountains in southeastern New York (Selender, 1980).
A book that reveals the mystery of the legend set in the Jersey Pine Barrens.
Gamers can play as Master Shake, Frylock or Meatwad as they golf, battle and race around the links at Jersey Pines, South Jerseys most prestigious and exclusive public golf course.
When Frylock is admitted to the prestigious Jersey Pines Golf Club, Master Shake decides to show the uppity members that he is also just as good (and uppity) and deserves a place in their exclusive club.
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