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a city in northeastern New Jersey (opposite Manhattan)

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Jersey City Urby's Airbnb guests will have access to apartments and an array of communal spaces, as well as a program schedule developed for tenants that will include classes, events and unique experiences.
Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and the first-ever Filipino American City Council President for Jersey City Rolando Lavarro, along with other Council members and officials attended the ceremony to pay tribute to veterans.
Soon after this exchange of letters, O'Malley announced that in 1956 and 1957 the Dodgers would play seven games at Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City.
But Jersey City school officials found that collecting and storing the data was one thing; training people in the school system how to get to it and use it for instructional purposes to improve student achievement was something else.
The artistic director of The Kennedy Dancers made a dance from stories told by her mother, who was an Italian language interpreter at a top-secret camp for Italian prisoners of World War II at Caven Point, Jersey City.
The project involves various departments at New Jersey City University and the University's laboratory school for students with low incidence disabilities.
They were married March 18, 1943, at All Saints Church in Jersey City.
Chavis, a 13-year Jersey City Police Department veteran, became suspicious when he noticed a hypodermic needle on the dashboard.
The Jersey City, New Jersey, native, who was featured in a Black Enterprise cover story, "Top Blacks on Wall Street" (October 1996), was recently operating as an independent investment counselor before allegedly striking an agreement with an undercover agent to launder $16 million over the course of a year in exchange for a 25% cut.
All circa 1982, when he was living and working in a seven-room cold-water flat in the Paulus Hook section of Jersey City, near the old Palmolive Factory, one stop on the PATH train from the Twin Towers.
Elizabeth Kinney, of Jersey City, New Jersey, a senior resident lead instructor for the IRS, took the gold medal.
opening of Jersey City Urby, and strategic acquisition activities.
Fed up with the problems of traveling through mass transit, a New Jersey resident has proposed a pedestrian bridge between Jersey City and Manhattan as a new path for New York area commuters.
In April 2006, Coalco New York was awarded a 30-year tax abatement to help transform the former American Can Company site in Jersey City into a sprawling complex of loft residences.
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